Environazis head's explode in England as Nuclear power is the least expensive option

This is from Teach over at Pirate's Cove. I love it when a good story causes pain to those who embrace all the 'alternative, green energy' garbage without looking at ALL the facts and options. Here is a teaser:

"But nuclear power can't be part of the answer - our analysis shows it will divert vital money and effort away from developing renewable energy, and the jobs and industries it could bring to the UK.

"We've had 50 years of successive governments pandering to the nuclear lobby. If their promises of cheap, low-carbon energy were true, they would have been delivered by now.

But nuclear power can’t be part of the answer – our analysis shows it will divert vital money and effort away from developing renewable energy, and the jobs and industries it could bring to the UK."

Why toss money down the drain on wind power. Solar, hydroelectric, perhaps have a great chance of helping us down the road. In the mean time we must have oil, nuclear, natural gas, COAL. hydroelectric used as much and as fast as we can get them up and running, period!

What a moronic statement. 50 years and not delivered? There is a lot of truth to the above statement but not why this moron thinks. It is because almost any and all nuclear, coal, natural gas, biomass power supply projects are litigated to death by the global environazi movement. And these dorfs want wind power as a viable option?

How many jobs will be created from counting the dead birds and other wildlife killed or plundered by wind farms?


Nuclear Is Cheapest “Low Carbon” Alternative
By William Teach May 9, 2011 – 3:30 pm

Hey, climate alarmists, you always say we should listen to the experts

Nuclear power will remain the cheapest way for the UK to grow its low-carbon energy supply for at least a decade, according to government advisers.

They’re going to need it, since the cold winters (caused by ‘climate change’, due to someone not taking the train, of course) are using up coal plant’s carbon credits at a high rate.

But renewables should provide 30-45% of the nation’s energy by 2030, says the Committee on Climate Change (CCC).

Its new report suggests ministers may want to temper ambitions for offshore wind, which is still fairly expensive.

And kills birds and bugs. You alarmists should be against it, right?

“People argue that offshore wind is very expensive – and it’s true, it is more expensive at the moment than some other technologies, so nuclear at the moment looks like the lowest cost low-carbon option,” said CCC chief executive David Kennedy.

“But we can expect significant cost reductions over the next two decades across a range of technologies, whether wind, marine or solar, and that’s why these technologies are promising.”

Hasn’t happened over the past 3 decades, why will it change now? Not that I don’t want these cleaner (and not talking about CO2) technologies to become as cheap as gas, coal, and nuclear, but, we keep hearing about how they will become cheaper, and haven’t yet.

Wind could replace nuclear as the cheapest option within about 15-20 years, he indicated

Except when it is really cold and the turbines freeze. Or the wind isn’t blowing.

By 2030, the cost of using these low-carbon technologies rather than fossil fuels would put about £50 onto the average household’s energy bill

Wait, I thought it was going to get cheaper? Oh, sorry, they meant cheaper than it is now, not cheaper than current technologies.

Environmental groups have given the report a mixed reception.

“It’s great that the committee has recognised the huge role renewable energy could and should be playing in taking Britain towards a clean, prosperous future – and is right to call for a dramatic increase in investment to make this happen,” said Craig Bennett, director of policy and campaigns with Friends of the Earth.

“But nuclear power can’t be part of the answer – our analysis shows it will divert vital money and effort away from developing renewable energy, and the jobs and industries it could bring to the UK.

In the meantime, the first people to complain about rolling blackouts and freezing because the carbon credits for the power plant ran out will be the same enviroweenies.

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Tom said...

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Tom said...

Why is it that when the leftists go around making racist statements no one seems to call them on it? But they are so damn quick to accuse conservatives of doing what THEY do so often and so well.
It’s the liberal’s that blame racism on the republicans every time that the republicans disagree with a policy that the Obummer makes and the republicans question. .
WHO is asking for a racial head count at Tea Parties. Not the Tea Partiers. They are all Americans there and have no need to be questioned about their patriotism . But turn on the left wing media and that's the FIRST thing you hear. Its ridiculous.

And the charges of racism are so overused and so inappropriately applied that the word loses its power. Just like the liberals themselves. Losing power and not liking it one bit.

And it is not about beating them. It is about saving the country, the economy, and private industry jobs from their job killing agenda. We want our country back, and we need our country back. We need jobs so we can feed our families, pay our bills and our mortgages. So I say to to Liberals that are playing the race card, get over yourself and stop accusing everyone of being a racist only because you don’t agree with them. Disliking Obama’s liberal views is not racist, it’s our right! .

Findalis said...

How many large earthquakes does England get?

Go nuclear!

PatriotUSA said...

Excellent commentary and thanks BOIBS!

Findalis, so many' quakes that any semblance of a decent energy policy has fallen far, far away.