The Daily Catch Videos for 5-20-2011: Audio of Bin Laden, Commie wnats to wreck the Canadian state

The Daily Catch Videos for 5-20-2011

Audio of Bin Laden.

mussies attack police in Europistan

Commie Canadian

Queen of the Cat People From Vlad Tepes:

I vote for the Queen of the Cat People

Vlad:”Now here is what activism looks like. One brave and imaginative Canadian actually did what many of us think of doing and never have the raw stones to actually go and do. If only enough of us had what it takes to do things like this, we could force lazy and cowardly legislators to make laws reasonable again. One simply should not be allowed to vote, drive, or be in secure areas with ones face covered. Our culture is inherently one of openness and to submit to intimidation from any religious group to change that does a disservice to all of us.”

I have always advocated more freedoms as the solution to Islam in the West, not less. Instead of France outlawing the Burka, I think they should re-institute the notion that shopkeepers, bank tellers and so on have a right to discriminate as to who may enter their premises. That would make burkas so inconvenient that no one would wear them very quickly. But where laws need to apply, they need to apply equally. In a perverse way, in the video below, they do. But in this context, Neither Muslims nor Cat people should be allowed to vote, enter a bank or secured area, or ride public transportation for that matter.

Right Wing Extremists: Part 1

Right Wing Extremists: Part 2

islam being taught in German school.

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Unions stooping as low as possible to save jobs: Intercepting emails!

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