The Daily Catch Videos for 5-18-2011: Losing Our Community, Allen West, Slavery in Vancouver

The Daily Catch Videos for 5-18-2011:

Intro to first video from Gates Of Vienna.

Losing Our Community
The following video, which was produced by Americans for Peace and Tolerance and the Tennessee Freedom Coalition, concerns the encroachment of radical Islam in Tennessee. It debuted last week in Nashville, and was featured during Thursday night’s event along with Geert Wilders and the other speakers.

The film reveals the infiltration of local institutions by Muslim Brotherhood front groups, “exposing radical Islamist preachers in Nashville, TN who were accepted by the city leadership and the media as ‘moderates,’ indoctrinating Vanderbilt University students and Nashville mosque members with extremist anti-American views.”

Rep. Allen West on Plan to Cut Energy Costs, Create Jobs

Herman Cain interview on PJTV

These next three are from Vlad Tepes.

Slave in Vancouver

Immigration policy in Canada makes no sense?

David Harris on Venzuela and missiles

Barnhardt Boston Speech Part 1

Barnhardt Boston Speech Part 2

Barnhardt Boston Speech Part 3

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