The Daily Catch Videos for 5-16-2011: mussies in egypt storm Israeli Embassy, Australian Defense League May 15, 2011

The Daily Catch Videos for 5-16-2011. 

There is constant theme here from the muslim world. It is ALL about hatred and violence. Is this what we want here in the USA? This is what is coming and is already here in many places in the United States and Canada. islam and muslims are paving the way through so called 'soft jiihad', suing us and the government, subverting us and our institutions through the LSM and our education system. islam is a calculated struggle to the death. islam is very willing to sacrifice MILLIONS of martyrs to wage jihad upon us until we are weary and beaten down. islam thinks the west will fall to islam and allow the establishment of a global islamic caliphate through decades of islamic warfare and subversion. islam is out to silence any and criticism against muslims and islam. They are betting on the west to fight for islam as it has been titled a religion. This is a LIE. islam is a perverted political ideology based on subjugation, persecution and violence. Read the qur'an and know the truth of islam. A truth that is violent. islam sucks the freedom and liberty out of everything and I mean everything.  

mussies on the rampage in egypt.

Allen West Speech 6th Annual Police Memorial Event, West Palm Beach, Florida

This is from Al jazeera about the Copts calling for calm from their own.

Norwegian MP: "In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act"

Geert Wilders speech from May 10, 2011 Ottawa.

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ADL demo May 15 Col Neville

Florida imam arrested for alleged terrorism support

The failing state of eygpt.

Libyan protests in Ottawa from 5-13-2011

Just in case you missed this case of ultimate stupidity from Norway.
Norwegian Muslims want beheading for failing to observe the fast inIslamic schools

muslim convert speaks out on al jazeera exposing muslim LIES triggering riots against the Copts in egypt.

muslims holding ANTI-peace rally day before Nabka

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and KitmanTV.

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