Back to posting up feeds later tonight New computer seems good, so far.....

Official PatriotUSA update:

Got the new computer yesterday and it seems to be working extremely well, as it should be. EVERYTHING is new, totally new and the latest versions of all components. This is extremely fast and it is too bad I am not one who likes to play video games on the computer or elsewhere. The video card is incredible. I did get to see our geeks new 3D 24" monitor and gaming computer. Once I put the 3D glasses on over my glasses it was really cool, very intense. I see why folks get addicted to gaming. Like the battles were coming right out of the screen in front of you. I am not about to proclaim "mission accomplished" quite yet.

Enough babble for now and will be back to posting late tonight. I will be having just one post up for Memorial Day. I want to be sure that this post gets to be seen at the top of the feed in honor and memory to those who served, sacrificed, many of them paying the highest price one can pay for our country.

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