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I have read some many op/eds, articles on how the Republicans bungled away an election they had in the bag in New York state. Yes, the Republicans dropped the ball to certain extent and deserve to be kicked to the curb over this loss BUT there is another side to this loss. That is the smear job of lies, threats and deceit that the democrats and libtards used to scare the over 55 voter into thinking their cash cow that Medicare would be taken away from them. Lock, stock and barrel. This is going to be one of the main weapons the liberals will use to ensure a democratic victory in 2012. Sad as that reality may be, it is the truth. At this particular moment I see no one from the Conservative side(not Republicans, I mean a really true CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVE) that will be able to beat obama in 2012. The mullah in the White House, the first muslim potus will lie, cheat and threaten his way into a 2nd term unless the truth is pushed out there and hard by some real Conservatives that are not what infests the much of right today. Just like he did in 2008.

Steve Bussey has written an outstanding opinion on the Republican loss of the 26th district and ties this in to other reasons this district was coughed up like a nasty hairball, into the desperate hands of the democrats. While much of the elderly vote strayed away from the Republican candidate, the blame goes much deeper and farther than this. You may find yourself offended by what you about to read but I make NO APOLOGIES to anyone about this. Why? Because it is true, every word. There is so much on the line beyond the 2012 election. It is about American character, the WILL TO WIN against the evil(s) of this world, the special qualities of the American project that rose out of the ashes from the start of the Revolutionary war, from the blood and sacrifice that we Americans used to willing to shed for our country, it is about American Execptionalism. I know not all us elderly are like the ones Mr. Bussey rakes over the coals here. I am creeping up on 60 myself. I will not roll over to the likes of what LBJ spawned with his "Great Society."
We know who and what the enemies of America are. I know what I will doing about this and them. I pray to God that you and million more will join us at the very least, for the sake of children and grandchildren. Time is not on our side.


The current American Elderly and NY’s 26th: Shame on you
By Steve Bussey

Discussing politics occasionally means using a very broad brush – and this is one of those times.

The word coming out of the special election in New York’s 26th Congressional District is that the elderly population swung that heavily Republican district to the Democrats due to an unfounded fear that their candy was going to be taken away from them.

So to the American elderly in general and the elderly of NY 26 I say that you should be ashamed of yourself because you fiddled while Rome burned. Actually I mean the generation born in The Great Depression and the late Baby boomers.

At the moment the political war of survival began in our Nation some 45 years ago you turned your backs and excused your ignorance and patriotic sloth by claiming to be busy with work and family. And now today, faced with the bankruptcy of your spirit but given a second chance you only compound your sins.

Your forefathers left work and family pledging their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to take at the point of a bayonet their God-given unalienable rights – freedom and liberty you squandered through your neglect at best and outright greed at worst knowing that with LBJ’s Great Society you would be “taken care of” in your golden years and your parents would be taken off your financial back in your youth so you could play in the park or boat on the lake.

You sat back and voted for, or failed to oppose, the man who more than any other since FDR took our American train off the tracks, LBJ, even when he promised the following with no constitutional (legal) authority and the things he did are the primary instruments of our coming demise:

On May 22, 1964, Johnson declared “we have the opportunity to move not only toward the rich society and the powerful society, but upward to the Great Society.” Johnson had been searching for a phrase that would capture the spirit of his administration’s ambitions, finally deciding upon “Great Society.” The label described an America where poverty and racial injustice would have no place, where the elderly would be cared for, where education would be placed at a premium, and where the nation’s natural resources would be cherished and protected.

The landslide election of 1964 gave Johnson the mandate to realize his vision of a Great Society. The Democrats held two-thirds majorities in both houses of Congress. In his inaugural address Johnson expressed his unbounded enthusiasm for a grand future: “Is our world gone? We say farewell. Is a new world coming? We welcome it, and we will bend it to the hopes of man.” He was now more than just the custodian of JFK’s legacy.

You set the stage for that which we suffer today. You bought or ignored the lie and LBJ gave us the welfare state, Medicare, Medicaid and an expanded Social Security, all of which are siphoning off our freedoms today and bankrupting this nation and that literally led to the entitlement mentality we fight today in our own and subsequent generations.

You took your eye off the ball with respect to our schools and failed to stand up for family, city, county and state rights and let yourselves be bullied into the corner of mediocrity and silence, allowing our enemies a beachhead in the mind of America’s youth. The so-called “Greatest Generation” in America gave us very possibly the worst generation in America – you.

There is more to this from Two Sisters On The Right and I have asked for their permission to share it here. When I hear from Two Sisters I will post what they shared up. If you cannot wait go to Steve Bussey's site and read the rest there.

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