A Tiny Minority: From Gates Of Vienna

From Gates of Vienna with commentary by Zenster.

Perhaps the most enraging thing about this "Tiny Minority" meme is that it deals with around ONE QUARTER of our world's population.

Suddenly, even small fractions of that amount translate into some really big numbers. Out of approximately 1.5 Billion Muslims:

1% = 15 MILLION

10% = 150 MILLION

20% = 300 MILLION

30% = 450 MILLION

Now, reflect that, when polled, some 30% of British Muslim youth deemed violence to be permissible in spreading Islam.

Go ahead, pick whatever tiny number you like to represent your "Tiny Minority".

What will it be, just a few DOZENS of MILLIONS (percents), or just a few HUNDREDS of MILLIONS?

There are untold MILLIONS of Muslims around the world that would like nothing better than to have a sword at our necks.

Isn't about time that we begin to put a gun to their head and tell them to piss off?

Without wishing to be too obscure, the West needs to reach out and touch several dozen million Muslims in a variety of locations.

There exist only a very few ways of doing that and most of them are rather nasty.

One of the few scenarios that involves an exceptionally limited degree of violence is taking the shrines at Mecca and Medina as physical hostages to be held for a few decades during which there cannot be any low level terrorist attacks or the haj will be canceled.

Should some jihadist loons get it into their last lonely synapses to unleash a chemical weapons attack on the West, POOF! ... Medina is thoroughly contaminated in an exact same manner.

Detonate a dirty bomb? POOF! First Medina and then Mecca are irradiated in the same way.

Pop off a nuclear weapon, POOF! First Medina and then, if there is any repetition, Mecca are slagged into 24 hour glow-in-dark parking lots.

As one wag said, after a while Muslims would feel pretty silly bowing five times a day to a plain of hot, smoking glass.

In the meanwhile, having each shrine encircled with automated high-rate machine gun emplacements and anti-personnel minefields would serve as the ultimate flypaper for enraged jihadis everywhere.

Think how much bargaining power a Western general would obtain by posing next to the Kahbah with a bucket of liquid pig fat.

Lack of imagination seems to be one of the biggest problems for Western militaries.

That needs to change and damn soon.

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HermitLion said...

Ah, Zenster - subtlety isn't his stronger side, now is it? :)

I've joined the discussion, despite it being on Gates of Vienna, but we need a direct link to that page here.