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Information - vetted information - continues to flow in on who made The Innocence Of Muslims.  Still unresolved is who disseminated it, and why was it made/to what end?

Yesterday the who was clearly laid out at the Counter Jihad ReportInnocence of Muslims film was Made by Terrorists.  Of special interest, in 2009 Nakola became a federal snitch.  Please consider - it can't be very far to go from being a snitch, to becoming a pawn and doing the devil's work, if it is to save one's butt, or, if it will further one's agenda.
Independently, but on the same wave length, Douglas J. Hagmann in the above post, and a YouTube user named Montagraph, have traced "Innocence of..." video to a defense contractor in Arlington, VA and - the Department of Homeland Security.
Whatever you do folks - don't let it die there.  Our country and our very lives depend on you and me asking more and more questions.  Do not forget, the doors to DHS and the State Department open directly into the oval office.  
I will sit happily behind bars for saying I believe the whole frickin thing was planned/orchestrated by Barack Hussein Obama so long as patriots thruout this country keep digging for the truth in it. 
The MSM is having to give up on the Obama/Hillary/Rice narrative that the video caused all the problems and are now selling that it was a preplanned/co√∂rdinated attack by Al Quada.  More co√∂rdinated dissemination of information?  More obfuscation?  Not a lie this time, but more muddying the waters, buying time?
NOT vetted, just my own thoughts on dissemination: Obama had at his disposal the whole of the Muslim Brotherhood in pulling off the murders in Libya.  From vetted records (some day if we survive this the world is going to owe CreepingSharia a medal) of MB visits to the White House, to MB members as employees in the White House, the plan of action developed.  Yes, we know Obama is the pawn in their scheme of things, and that has to be delt with, but right now, America is being drawn into the war of all wars within our own borders.  We need truth!
The to what end is not in question as far as I am concerned and that is to take away our free speech and our guns.  Guns first.  They couldn't do it thru Congress so that means force.  Think New Orleans.  Free speech is easy after that. The time line? Soon.  Very soon.  Keep your powder dry.

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Nick said...

It's also worth mentioning that youtube didn't pull the video - and they certainly aren't slow to do so usually, if they even think there may be a slight possibility that maybe, just maybe, a singgle mohammedan will feel "offended" by a video.

So why did it remain up for everyone to see? Because it served a purpose? What purpose? Whose purpose?

So that Barry Hussein Obama could point to it and say, look, that's what did it?

It wasn't really an orchestrated attack by "moderate" practitioners of the religion of peace at all, it couldn't be because that would mean that everything we've been telling you since September 2001 is lies!

The White House and all the other politicians who practice a policy of appeasement needed a fallback position, a patsy, in case anything really bad happened on September 11th, so they could point to something else, anything else, no matter how improbable or ridiculous, rather than have to acknowledge that devout muslims around the world are nothing but thugs, arsonists and murderers.

The religion of peace my ARSE!!!!

Nick said...

It would be a simple enough matter for agents of the American government to get some people to make that ridiculous little film clip, throw a little money at them, hire some "actors" under false pretences, push the players' buttons, and there you have it.

A low-cost, very useful "patsy" to take the fall should "moderate" muslims go overboard on 9/11 and well, commit riot, arson and murder.

The media of course will accept the story because it fits in with the narrative employed by politicians and press alike since 2001.

And so the truth will be obscured, as easily as that.

Sound plausible?

Nick said...

1. Did they have a reason to do it?

It didn't take a brain surgeon to figure out that "moderate" muslims might go all jihad and commit murder - they do it all the time. But this time they did it in a way that the American President couldn't ignore, and would have to talk about. So yes, they had a reason to do it.

2. Could they do it?

It would be easy enough to fire some poor sap up and get a few wannabee "actors" on board and get a clip up on to youtube. So yes, they could do it.

3. Would they do it?

We all know that the politicians currently in charge in America are ideologically smitten, and totally committed to diminishing America's power in the world - and what better way to do that than let "moderate" muslims everywhere know they can commit the crimes of riot, arson and murder with impunity, and America won't do a thing about it - except apologise to the criminals for "causing" their emotional state (feeling "offended") which overran their rational faculties and "caused" them to commit such crimes in the first place.

And we all know that the people running America just now would sink to any depths in order to preserve the narrative they are using to cover up what they want to really do to America, and the free world. (Any questions here, ask Sarah Palin. She got in their cross-hairs some time ago, and they targetted her .. where is she now - out of the political scene altogether.)

So yes, they would do it.

4. So did agents of the American government help to create this ridiculous little video, and did they use it to help them lie about what really happened on the anniversary of 9/11? Well they had the means, motive and opportunity (see above.) I guess it boils down to asking: Do I believe that the likes of Obama and Clinton would lie about anything, even let people be murdered and do nothing, in order to advance their own ideological agenda?

What do you think?

Andrea said...

To your question about why Google did not take down the video. I spent nearly five years writing about Google/YouTube's reluctance to remove terrorist videos from YT. There was plenty of lip service (documented over and over and over) - NEVER about it being free speech but that they didn't have the capability to do so which I debunked multiple times. In my opinion there are multiple motivating factors behind their "jihad" on America. Money, of course. Power. The number of times they told Lieberman to go mount a corn cob is pathetic. Google is one big leftest group - supporting our enemies by leaving those terrorist videos up bothered them not in the least. I could write a book but then have already basically via my other site.

A couple of misc. thoughts here if I may -

Nick - somewhere, and unfortunately I did not bookmark it, there was an article. The actors described how it was they were hired. Were given lines to read and later came to find out, other lines were dubbed in in place of what they had actually said.

A comment I read - Obama was expecting to get a "bump" out of this whole deal. The person who said it described it as an expected "rally round the flag" bump that is typical in times of national emergency. Cold. So cold.

To this - "It would be a simple enough matter for agents of the American government to get some people to make that ridiculous little film clip" - that is EXACTLY what I meant when I said - "it can't be very far to go from being a snitch, to becoming a pawn and doing the devil's work."

This 9/11/12 hit job did not happen over night. It was well planned months ago. Every waking moment Obama is not golfing or otherwise spending our tax dollars on some other pleasure, I know he is putting final touches to plans made months ago on the next step necessary to see that he remains in power and I believe the target will be here in America.

Zenster said...

There is also the possibility that 0bama merely wanted something to point at with his the “future must not belong” to so-and-so speech at the UN.

After all, the UN is now an OIC front and squawking about how "The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam." is playing to that audience like the very worst scenery-chewing ham.

This is not to discount a worried DHS and State Department conjuring up a backstop in case of some 9-11 atrocity anniversary festivities. The convenient excuse it provided for the Libyan embassy attack was also conspicuously pat.

As if all of these morons could not foresee the Muslim Brotherhood's ascendance throughout the North African "Arab Spring". If ever there was a case of "better the devil that you know", it was with Ghadaffi Duck and Hoser Mubarak. Our idiot, vote whoring Good-Old-Boys on Capitol hill have helped midwife one of the greatest disasters that only Iran's accession to nuclear weapons has the capability to eclipse.