Update #2 – Horrific Attack In Ithaca New York ? (Update Victim’s Mother Disputes Racist Intent of Attackers)

The family is now upset that this attack is being called a racially motivated attack. I am sharing a comment from Sundance that explains how this all works. The weight of political correctness and the bias of far left media for refusing to share the truth because of skin color, ANY skin color is on full display here. This is not about skin color, it is about a horrific crime and sharing the truth.

Political correctness is a malignant very toxic stew.

I want to say thank you to sundance and all who make up the the Treehouse. They are much better at explaining this than I am. PatriotUSA

sundance says:
"The bottom line is….. if the media would just do their job, and the police would just uphold the law, and both entities would just knock off the PC crap, none of this would ever happen.

Crimes need to be prosecuted regardless of race. Stories need to be written regardless of race. The truth needs to be discussed regardless of race.

Doing any of the above through the filter of skin color and social ramification considerations IS RACIST.

Not arresting or prosecuting someone because of the color of their skin is just as racist as arresting/prosecuting someone because of the color of their skin.

Not reporting on a crime because of the color of a suspects skin is just as racist as reporting on a crime because of the color of a suspects skin.

Regardless of skin color the who, what, when, where and why doesn’t change the empirical nature of what happened.

When race is used as a filtering mechanism (See the Orlando Sentinel with Zimmerman VS Martin) what changes in the discomfort and avoidance is the “who and why”…
What you end up with is a situation where the “who” and “why” questions are left to others trying to determine. This, by itself, is a dangerous social situation to create and it exacerbates racial tension."


UPDATE #2  The Mother, Billie Joe Howe-Fuller, of the attacked victim, now known to be Stephanie Nicole Fenner, is speaking out on social media platforms appearing quite upset that a racial prism is being used to outline this story:

stephanie Nicole Fenner 5
[...]  this girl is my daughter and whomever started this racist s--t are morons. We r not a racist family so don’t believe everything u read. At least the journal and cny although vague have all the facts correctly inatead of guessing at s--t like these crazy people on those blogs.
Apparently Mrs Howe-Fuller is upset because in one of the comment sections of a local media report was a link where the story was discussed on a white-pride site StormFront.  Mrs Howe-Fuller and her daughter Stephanie have a culturally and racially diverse social network of friends and family.

In keeping with the diversity surrounding the family, the victim, Stephanie Nicole Fenner, also disputes the racial componentry:
stephanie Nicole Fenner 3

Ms. Fenner also shares there was more than one fight and her attackers included a group of five.  Continue reading

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Findalis said...

Note that these attacks happen in areas without conceal carry. Now imagine what would happen to the attackers if the victim was allowed to carry?

PatriotUSA said...

Exactly! I made note of CC on the first post when I did.

Sundnace's explanation of why they construct and wall off the racial aspect is superb and spot on.

MaggieMae said...

It's very possible that there was no "racial aspect" to this incident just as the victim and her mother stated. But some of you people simply refuse to accept that. It doesn't play into your agenda of hating black people, and using "reverse racism" accusations to get even.

But you can always blame the media. LOL!

PatriotUSA said...

Brave words from where MM? Would you like to tell my diverse friends that includes Blacks, Mexicans, Asians that I hate Black people and am a racist?

There are many, many people of ALL skin colors who DO NOT live on the liberal plantation.

Place the racist card, sigh is that the best you can do?

You need another fix of political correctness.

Nick said...

The issue seems to me not whether the victim or their family was "racist" - of course the victim's mom won't want to be tagged with that label lest her daughter be treated like George Zimmerman - the question is whether the attackers were.

In addition, the interesting thing is how the media covers such cases. There does seem to be an official narrative, and if any events fit into it, they are reported to the max - if they don't then you can forget about reading about them in the national press.

And big-picture-wise, that's the troubling thing. Is the mainstream media still an operation that deals in facts, truth and logic? Or has it been transformed into a slick propaganda machine?

That is a question everyone in America should think about.

PatriotUSA said...

I think we both know the answer about the media for right now. Facts, truth and logic has given way to a new 'Animal Farm' mentality. The MSM is for the most part, far left driven and many of them hate America and American Exceptionalism, period. They love to see the USA stumble and fall. They are too stupid to see they are chopping at the very tree trunk that holds up the tree and branches they sit upon, spewing their communist ideals and progressivism.

Dymphna had an awesome post on West's book, American Betrayal and I have been working my way back over to G of V.

DW has nailed it down in her book and as I said, her book will stand the test of time and be proven the truth. The book will stand much better than the USSA will. We both know to what and what of I speak.

Nick said...

You mentioned that book by Keith Lowe over @ GoV - a complete breakdown of society, on every level, moral, economic, you name it. Followed by a totalitarian empire arising, one that is willing to use extreme force in order to establish absolute control.

History ... or the future?