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Early Blue Oyster Cult

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Roseanne's tweet - Who are the real racists here?

We all know by now that Roseanne Barr has been sacked by her former employers, after she posted a "tweet" which has been deemed to be "racist" (whatever that even means.)

It is difficult to see how any of the atheist left-wingers who have criticised Ms. Barr for making that tweet can feel offended by it. For she has only said what they all believe to be true.

As the introduction to Richard Dawkins' book The Selfish Gene makes very clear, atheists who believe in the theory of evolution all agree that chimpanzees and human beings share about 99.5% of their evolutionary history, and there is no objective basis on which to elevate one species over another.

Every one of the atheistic left-wingers who have gone after Ms. Barr for making her "tweet" actually believes that human beings and monkeys share a common evolutionary ancestor, and have a lot of the same DNA. To a true believer in the theory of evolution, it is not controversial at all to assert that an individual human being has similar characteristics to an ape.

If Roseanne Barr is racist for saying that, then each and every one of the atheistic left-wingers who went after her is racist as well, for believing it to be true in the first place.

Latest Wave of C American Migrants Underlines Need for Border Security

Gary Fouse

As we speak, the latest wave of thousands of Central Americans is making its way though a compliant Mexico en route to our border. They have no visas. They have not been invited. They are coming anyway. They come waving Honduran, Salvadoran or Guatemalan flags. They stop to demonstrate in front of  our embassy in Mexico City along the way. Not exactly the best way to ensure you're welcome in the US. Apparently, they don't care whether they are welcome or not.

The same situation is playing out in Western Europe, where hundreds of thousands of migrants, asylum-seekers or refugees have stormed in from the Middle East and Africa, Most are young men in their 20s. With few exceptions, they are making no positive contributions to their countries of destination unless you call, terrorism, murder, and rape to be contributions. While the East European countries refuse to accept them, the Western Europeans seem powerless to say no.

There is also another possible similarity between the two groups: In both cases, billionaire financier George Soros appears to have his hand in it. In the case of Europe, it is documented. He funds some of the NGO rescue ships that are picking up African migrants in the Mediterranean and dumping them in Italian ports.  (At least up until the point where the new Italian government stopped allowing the ships to dock.) Soros is also suspected by some to be involved in the Central American wave though the liberal "fact check" sites dispute it.

Both examples point to the need for secure borders on both sides of the Atlantic. Contrary to accusations from the left, very few Americans oppose all immigration. We do insist, however, that we control who comes and who is not allowed in. For his part, President Trump, in his inimical style, is promising to stop the migrants marching through Mexico. Unfortunately, we are dealing with the by now obviously outdated law that people can apply for asylum if they can  get one foot over the border. We can't send our Border Control one foot over the line into Mexico to stop them. What is needed is cooperation from Mexico. In past decades, they have flooded this country with drugs and their own illegal immigrants. Now they are providing a way through Mexico for Central Americans. In short, Mexico is being a very bad neighbor.

It is up to Trump to pressure Mexico in no uncertain terms to stop this march toward our border. If these people are allowed into the US, it will be a huge failure on the part of the Trump administration.

Among all the hand-wringing from the left about the plight of all these thousands of 20-something men, lost is the fact that the actions of these migrants-both in the Americas and in Europe are truly hurting decent, legal immigrants. I still believe in legal immigration for those who will adopt our values and contribute to our various nations. I don't blame people who want to escape horrific conditions in their home countries to seek a better life in America or Europe. But the final say in who is admitted must rest with the receiving country. Immigration is not just for the benefit of the immigrant. It must also be for the benefit of the receiving country. We seem to have lost sight of that fact.

Bombs, Bullets and Blood - What's Coming Next

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Hagmann - What's Coming Next

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University of Michigan: It's Required

Gary Fouse

"Speaker Emory Douglas, part of the “Penny Stamps Speakers Series Presentation” of the Stamps School of Art and Design, displayed a slide that showed a picture of Netanyahu and Hitler with the words “Guilty Of Genocide” written across their faces. Below the photo was the definition of genocide."

The University of Michigan has been in the news quite a bit lately, and for all the wrong reasons. Just recently, a University of Michigan professor made news when he refused to write a letter of recommendation for a student to study in Israel. Now comes this about a speaker who compared Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu with Hitler. That's bad enough. It was a required attendance for certain students. 


So here we have a former Black Panther who comes to the university to defame Netanyahu as being comparable to Hitler, and attendance is mandatory?

I invite the reader to follow the above link to the Penny Stamps site. If you are left with the impression that it is tilted way to the left, you are not alone. This reminds me of the UC Irvine New Narratives program instituted a few years ago by then Vice Chancellor Thomas Parham. In April 2017, I 
attended one such event which was loaded with a panel of victims including one black radical Canadian  woman who had recently moved to the US and opened her talk by saying that she had picked the wrong time to come here in referring to President Trump. I tried unsuccessfully to get New Narratives to invite a speaker who had a more favorable image of America, but all I got was a big run-around.

I wonder if the Penny Stamps Speakers Series would consider bringing in a pro-Israel speaker to provide some semblance of balance to those students who are required to sit through these lectures.

Probably not.

Doug Hagmann on fire ...

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Blasey Ford's Background

Read it while you still can.

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