Reverse the race of the victim and call the BGI-Graphic warning! UPDATED

Please use extreme caution in viewing the images below. 

Update is here from the Treehouse. The far left political correctness and obstruction of the truth about this story continues.

Update #1 – Media and Police Censor Horrific Racial Nature of Attack In Ithaca New York ? (Update Police Department Press Release)

In a total, completely racially motivated HATE crime, a WHITE girl had her face slashed open by four Black girls in New York.

This victim was leaving a bar in Ithaca, New York when she was attacked and her face sliced open by a razor. It took 47 stitches to close up her face.

The intent of the attack was very clear. The media, local and national has purposely avoided this story. Think about this for just one minute. What if the victim had been Black and the four attackers WHITE?

The intent was obvious. The intent was to scar for life, inside and out and that this young lady was not killed or cut up worse is amazing. I have meted out my far fair share of damages in my life but it was never like this. Never to horribly maim or scar for life.  Almost always in self defense or coming to the aid of others.

A racial hate crime that must be stopped by force as nothing else will work. The level of hatred shown in this attack is MIRRORED by this hateful administration, led by overlords Obama, Holder and all their colorful friends of the BGI.

Conceal carry faithful readers, conceal carry. Do it safe, do this legally and just be ever vigilant. PatriotUSA

From the Treehouse.


A Purposely Censored Racial Attack In Ithaca New York ?…. Four Black Suspects Attempt To Disfigure White Victim

This post is NOT for the squeamish. We shall even protect a picture because it’s a little too much even for one of iron stomach.

Essentially here’s the story as can be gathered so far - and feel free to drop any insight into the comment section – according to CoCC this is not an isolated incident for the area in question:
slashed victim
In Ithaca New York, last Saturday night four black females jumped a white female in a racially driven attack. One of the black attackers took out a razor blade and cut the victim so badly she needed 47 stitches to her face. The cut runs from her hairline to her chin. Four black female suspects were arrested.

However, post-attack the story worsens.

The media has completely censored the crime; and even the local media will not report on the attack due to the horrific nature of the crime cast against the sensitivity toward what the crime represents.

If you were to reverse the races, and four white women were to have attacked a black woman, expressly intending to disfigure her, you can guarantee this would be 24/7 on NATIONAL TV.

The attack was originally spotlighted by a friend of the victim on a bodybuilding website.   It was deleted from that forum but still exists in GoogleCacheHEREFrom that initial discussion you will find nothing noted, except at CoCC.

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT FOLLOWS - Here is a link to what the attack injury looked like before medical repair  CLICK HERE But don’t look if you are prone to normal sensitivities.   We provide only to show the level of hatred which must have been inherent in the mind of the attackers.

Source is here.

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Anonymous said...


Original story here.

New picture here also:


Anonymous said...


new pictures here

Anonymous said...

U have this story all wrong ur a bunch of idiots!!! It was not racially motivated or ahate crime!!! Get a fucking grip and get a life I know this stoey firathand and u all r telling a bunch of lies

PatriotUSA said...


You comments bring NOTHING new to light nor change the truth. There is only one truth to this story. If you are so sure then deconstruct the true narrative and facts as presented here and by the TreeHouse. Do it under a name and I will consider sharing any further comments from you. Otherwise, piss off.

You are a prime example of why comments under anonymous are just tripe and fodder for vermin who refuse to see or recognize what the real problem is here.

Further comments by you will NOT be published and nor will any other comments from anyone who goes by anonymous. I have ho use for cowards, those who have no stones or vag to use a name or handle.

Nick said...

The actual injury, which is visible in the Google cache webpage, is absolutely horrific.

PatriotUSA said...

There is no way such a slashing would not leave permanent, lasting damages to nerves, muscles, you name it. Even with the best plastic surgeon and what not, how can such damages be avoided? What damage will show up down the road.

My apologies to all for letting the 'effing' word slip through into the comments. I normally catch these.