Any and all 'anonymous' comments will no longer be posted

I have done this before, relented and now this is final.

Any comments sent in under 'ANONYMOUS' will not be shared here. If you want to remain anonymous, that is fine. As to how that works for commenting here, it no longer works.

Thanks and just a change that I felt needed to be made. PatriotUSA

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Findalis said...

I had to do that a few years ago. I find that the trolls don't post often now.

MaggieMay said...

You didn't like my comment apparently.

You shouldn't allow "Anonymous" to be an option if you're going to censor such comments.

PatriotUSA said...

You are too stupid to read? Comments sent in as anonymous are no longer allowed. Your comment arrived AFTER I posted at the top about no longer accepting any anonymous comments. Even if it was before I still would not have allowed it. Done deal.

We will take all comments, even if we disagree with them and time will tell if all the facts are known. You want to trust LE for any and all and an obvious far left media, that is your choice.

Examples, the Zimmerman case, Sandyhook, Colorado, want me to keep going? Sandyhook, the facts are still not all known or released. Zimmerman was accused of a racist crime RIGHT away and whether you like it or not, that was self defense.

Yes, this is my site with other contributors and we can choose to allow what we want.

Do not like this then start your own site or go hang at Daily Kos, Huffy Poo, Loon Watchers or get an invite to the White House.

This is not a forum for arguing unless you can do it without trying to taking over a post.

So simple and easy even you, MM should be able to follow these rules or should I say 'guidelines'.

PatriotUSA said...

It is now a done deal Findalis. You are smarter than me.