The racists at the CRS- say hello to Thomas Battles and what the BGI really is

I was really going to take tonight, this morning off when I dropped by Conservative Treehouse before I called it a night. After reading the top feed and watching the videos there, I was so mad and further disgusted what the CRS entails and what minority they go way out of thei way to 'assist.' This is truly a very rotten racist agency within another evil agency.

Zenster, Sorry the duplication of images and what not but I am just too burnt out to go back, rip and tear and put this back together so it looks better. The points about the CRS must be spread far, wide and DEEP!

I am posting this and please share this with as many people, sites and social media as you can. I am dealing with some extremely serious pain and nerve stuff so I need to call it a night but not until after I steal this and post it up. This is most urgent and people of ALL SKIN COLOR need to know how evil the CRS is.  The UPDATE has been moved to the top of the feed by me and the rest of the post is below the update. Read this entire post, please! PatriotUSA


Federally Approved DOJ CRS Extortion – Dream Defenders and Thomas Battles Turn “Justice” into “Just Us”…

By Sundance

UPDATE: After this article was written, formatted and posted, we rec’d the following information via the tip-line. The person sharing this information is of direct insider relationship to the above. They are afforded an element of concealment because they would be at significant risk if their identity was revealed. Here is their communication about the current protestations taking place in Tallahassee Florida to pressure Governor Rick Scott (remember they had no idea this article was written):

I currently work in XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX and have been assigned to the Capitol [Dream Defenders staging sit-in at Governor Rick Scott office] during this “wonderful” little event in which a bunch of hood rats and ghetto goblins have decided to protest the “injustices” of our society for sweet innocent Trayvon. As such I will report what I see and hear from these Marxists.
Yup, you heard right…. MARXISTS. The majority have spoken about the horrid conditions that they live under in a Capitalist Society all the while wearing high end name brand clothing while surfing on public wifi with their iPads, Galaxy Tablets, Macbook Airs, and other such expensive electronics. They have gone so far to state that Capitalism killed Trayvon. They are mostly Occupy Wallstreet scum and this is but another event for them to exploit.

The name of their group is called the “Dream Defenders”. Their ring leader works for Crump Law Offices; the same law firm representing the Martin “Family” (I wouldn’t call them a family since they did such a horrible job raising their son). This is also the same group that received contact from the Department of Justice’s Community Relations Service. You know, the Federal Agency that is now under investigation for spurring the protests last year. Yes, it’s them and they have been working hand in hand with each other. As a matter of fact the CRS rep acted as the liaison between the Marxists and the State Government.
Dream defenders

Anyways, this group while not violent at the moment has stated that they will become violent if needed. They preach a mixture of Marxism, Racial Violence, and Black Liberation Theology. They carry and wear emblems associated with Socialist Groups and have connections to other Marxists protests in recent past. Some of them wore shirts that said ” Wisconsin Solidarity” and “Michigan Solidarity”. These refer to the pro union protests in those two states when they passed laws to become right to work states.

They have support from the Federal Government, they have support from members of the Florida Legislature such as Rep. Alan B. Williams, and also they have support from members of FSU and FAMU including some members of the FAMU Police whom one is a Sergeant in. The DOJ-CRS rep is from the Miami Field Office.

Her information is the following.
Mildred I. Duprey de Robles
Conciliation Specialist
Miami Field Office
Department of Justice Community Relations Service
51 SW 1st Ave Suite 624, MiamiFL33130
305-536-5206 (Phone)
305-536-6778 (Fax)

I will report and gather as much information as I can. Pass this information to every Conservative Blog, News Agency, and Forum. The current administration is up to no good and any and all race baiting and spurring on of this event is not good. This in conjunction with Eric Holder’s speech at the NAACP rally near Sanford FL and other protests across the country are not good for us as a nation and a society. They appear that they want to create a race war or rioting. I’m not a loon nor do I wrap my head in tin foil but something does not look good and it appears that if they can create a crisis they can use it for their own motives.
Dream defenders 2
Dream Defenders 3
Dread defenders 4

Now here is the rest of the post:

*Important note as you process this information. There are two videos that MUST be watched in order to intellectually absorb the level of corruption at work.  The information is critical to understanding, and the post itself needs to be understood quickly.  I cannot stress the importance against the backdrop of understanding the deception.

The civil rights arm of the Dept. of Justice is now a modern leveraging or enforcement mechanism to insure the aggrieved are paid off as well as protected. The legal terms such as “adverse impact”, “disparate treatment” and others, have been corrupted to apply to black skin color as the common denominator for the application being reviewed.
The protective agency, who guard the optics of the Black Grievance Industry, is the Community Relations Service (CRS), also known as the DOJ “Peacekeepers”. The primary role of the CRS Peacekeepers is to protect the image of the Black Grievance Industry. They do this by keeping the public unaware of the consequences of the BGI activity and at the same time telling the BGI to put down the molotov cocktails because they can be too easily seen.
Thomas Battles
The CRS is a federally protected super-secret agency within the DOJ who operate with stealth immunity on behalf of black citizens. To the public the CRS will claim their interests are to represent, and look out for, minority interests.  However, in actual application their only engagements are facilitations around persons of black skin color. The Marxist SPLC spins the Peacekeepers thusly:
[...] Reserved and discreet, yet engaging and well-connected, Thomas Battles and his team were dispatched to the city as the shooting was making national headlines — to assist without drawing attention to themselves.

“He and his staff largely operate out of the spotlight doing very important, very necessary work,’’ said Mark Potok, a senior fellow at the Southern Poverty Law Center, where Battles and his team have received training. “They are going to cities like Sanford that are torn apart by a racial rift, put in an international spotlight. These are places that need help quickly.’’ (link)
Thomas Battles is the Southeast Regional Director of the Community Relations Service.
Last year when the ‘Just-Us’ racists within the Seminole County NAACP, and Sanford BGI professionals like Turner Clayton, Norton Bonaparte and Francis Oliver, needed help pressuring city officials around the Trayvon Martin shooting, they reached out to Battles for assistance.

As the recent FOIA releases from Judicial Watch outlined, the DOJ/CRS was more than willing to assist.   Not assist in keeping the peace, but actually assist in organizing events to accomplish the goals of the NAACP and internal city agitators.

Mr. Battles and the taxpayer funded CRS even went so far as to organize, coordinate and assist a march of young students, called the Dream Defenders, into Sanford so they could barricade the entrance to the police department.   Once there they demanded Police Chief Bill Lee be fired for failing to file murder charges against Zimmerman.

On the way there they made a video of their trip.   Which you can see here in two parts:
Part I – Note at the 6:30 min mark they arrive at a gas station – watch what happens, and watch in front of your own eyes how Thomas Battles uses a Sheriff Officer to pressure the gas station owner.  [*note the gas station is privately owned]

Part II – Note at the 3:30 mark what AME Church they use as their rally point.   Also at 6:16 you might see a familiar face (dreadlocked).   Yes, that is Francis Oliver, the mother of Trayvon Martin family attorney, Natalie Jackson.

You may remember Allen Chapel AME Church from the following picture(s)
As you absorb this information, and watch these videos, ask yourself what exactly is the function of the Federal Community Relations Service – if this is the activity of their engagement?

Here are some uploaded pictures of the same Dream Defenders march done by Natalie Jackson to her yfrog account.   The comments at the top of the pictures are hers.
dream defenders 2
dream defenders 3
dream defenders 1

As Francis Oliver herself told the Huffington Post and Orlando Sentinel:
“I’ve been fighting white people my whole life”…
And as Francis Oliver discussed her daughter Natalie:
“She was raised on the front lines of the movement”…
When the Federal Community Relations Service coordinated march finally reached the Sanford Police Station, the Dream Defenders blocked the doors and surrounded the exits and entrances so the police could not function.   They did this to demand the firing of Police Chief Bill Lee.
dream defenders 4
Again, really let your mind comprehend this.   The Eric Holder led Federal Department of Justice, dispatches a team of federal agents, led by Thomas Battles, to block the Sanford Police Department and demand the resignation of the Sanford Police Chief.
The CRS feds organize it, coordinate it, facilitate it, pay for it, and deliver what exactly?

Or, Just-US?
You decide.

Final thought.   Today the Federal DOJ is coordinating a nationwide website search to ask for any citizen help in finding evidence of George Zimmerman violating Trayvon Martin’s, or anyone else’s, civil rights.

Now look at this picture:

Mellon Park Rally
Mellon Park Rally 4
Mellon Park Flyer

Civil Rights Violations?

Wanted Dead or Alive“?

Huh?….    Funny That

Pam Bondi - Benjamin Crump - Martin Lee Anderson case 
The parents of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin were meeting with Robert O’Neill, the U.S.  Attorney for the Middle District of Florida, and Roy L. Austin Jr., who is deputy assistant attorney general of the department’s Civil Rights Division. (link) 

Bobby is  committed to civil rights,” said Tom Battles, regional director of the Justice  Department’s Community Relations Service. “If Dr. King was here, I think he’d
say, ‘Mr. U.S. Attorney, you did your job well.”’  (link)

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi called O’Neill “one of my closest friends in the
world,” and presented him with a proclamation she said she couldn’t read because
attorneys general aren’t supposed to cry. (link)

 Source is here.

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Findalis said...

The Martin family needs Zimmerman in prison to win a civil lawsuit. That is why they want him charged with civil rights charges.

Let the Black community start boycotting White businesses. They will finally starve to death since no Blacks own grocery stores, supermarkets or fast food places.