The champion of SLAGGARDNESS-AJ and the dog days of summer

OK, so it was not 110 today but a nice warm 95 degrees. So AJ, the no good, worthless editor of this site was caught workin' it really hard this afternoon. That branch by him?
WAS about six feet long until AJ decided to own it. I have tossed it into the side yard so many times. After he dragged it into the house we gave up and just let him have it.

AJ slaggarding reminds me of some UNION folks at the SEIU.

A reminder to us all to chill out and find a bit of bliss. This break from reality, courtesy of AJ, the wonder dog. OK, OK he will get an extra cookie, Findalis! Ozark Guru, tell me this did not make you smile!

AJ thought that this song by John Fogerty would be the perfect tune to work the afternoon away to. PatriotUSA

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