US Government Sets up Hot Tip E-Mail Address for One Man-George Zimmerman

Gary Fouse

How much lower can the US Government sink than this? The US Department of Justice has set up a national hotline e-mail address for the public to send in tips on George Zimmerman.


The actual e-mail address is below:



Here is my public-spirited response:

"Lieber Stuermer,

Georg Zimmerman is a Jew.

Heil Hitler!!!"


"And don't think we don't have proof:"

Are you proud, America? This is the government we have elected. We have a Justice Department under Eric Holder that is nothing more than latter day version of the Gestapo. Did you ever think we would live to see the day when the US Government would establish a tip line for the public to send in tips on one man-a man who has just been found not guilty of a crime?

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