The Emperor's Rebuttal of the King's People Control FAIL!

It is only just that a King receive his comeuppance by an Emperor - ya think?  h/t cmblake6

Posted by Emperor Misha @ The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler - Your Bitter Tears, Jugears, They Sustain and Nourish Me - excerpts below:

The Emperor, Misha: We guess somebody’s hope to disarm the unruly peasants was brutally dashed against the hard rocks of reality today.

Oh happy, happy joy joy.

Yes, we know full well that this won’t stop the Democrat ProgNazis any more than it’s stopped them before, they’ll be back, but we did so enjoy watching Commissar Petukh Obongo finally showing some emotion today, particularly because said emotions so clearly revealed his lack of a human soul.

Widdle O-Bam-Bam didn’t get his candy bar, so he decided to throw a hissy fit.

Let the schadenfreude begin:
The King, Hussein O: A few months ago, in response to too many tragedies, including the shootings of a United States congresswoman, Gabby Giffords, who’s here today, and the murder of 20 innocent schoolchildren and their teachers, this country took up the cause of protecting more of our people from gun violence. Families that know unspeakable grief summoned the courage to petition their elected leaders, not just to honor the memory of their children but to protect the lives of all of our children.
Emperor: By pushing legislation that would have prevented not one solitary single death of those children. M’kay. Carry on, Whiny McFuckstick.
King: A few minutes ago a minority in the United States Senate decided it wasn’t worth it. They blocked common-sense gun reforms,
Emperor: Note for future reference: Any proposal by any politician containing the words “common sense” contains none of it.
King: even while these families looked on from the Senate gallery.
Emperor: Because, dammit, they’re the only ones who should have a say in this! Law-abiding gun owners having their rights stripped away from them because of a crime they didn’t commit should just SHUT UP ALREADY!
King: By now it’s well- known that 90 percent of the American people support universal background checks that make it harder for a dangerous person to buy a gun.
Emperor: No, it isn’t, Comrade Fucksicle. The only reason you might call it “well-known” is that you’ve been repeating the lie for so long that some people might actually believe it to be true, much like your ideological predecessor, Joseph Goebbels, said they would. One good rule of thumb is that if any politician feels compelled to wave around some “fact” every five minutes, there’s a really good chance that what he’s saying is utter bullcrap.

The pistol whipping continues HERE!

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