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This essay is in response to one at the 1389 Blog:

Saudi Arabia: An eye for an eye – man sentenced to be paralysed

There are times when avoiding any intervention may better serve the purpose of fighting Islam. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that this is one of them. Here’s why.

Those in the counterjihad are already more than well aware that Islam is a viciously barbaric and cretinous system of belief that has no redeeming features. That said:


Far too much of Western civilization is so thoroughly infected by Cultural Marxism that those of us in the counterjihad can have few expectations other than that of being universally smeared as racist, bigoted, intolerant, Islamophobic Nazis, regardless of how true or valid our objections to Islam and shari’a law may be.

Are there issues regarding Islamic jihad that do merit intervention? Absolutely.

The Egyptian genocide of Coptic Christians is a pluperfect example of when to raise our collective voices. In this particular case there remain enough Western Christians to where bringing this modern day holocaust to their attention is an excellent way of demonstrating how modern media (i.e., the MSM), adamantly refuses to cover such an abysmal situation even as they snarl and blubber about Israel’s brutal slaughter of furry bunnies and fuzzy ducklings in the Palestinian Terrortories.

In the case of Ali al-Khawahir and his imminent punitive paralyzing by Saudi shari’a courts—sad as it may seem—it may be best to just let this happen. I know that it sounds cold-hearted to propose such inaction. After all, as Edmund Burke so wisely noted, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Then again, Islam is so anomalistic—with respect to Western values and social mores—that all thinking people are obliged to reevaluate their priorities over the way that our most cherished traditions of humanity, civility, courtesy, mercy and trust are routinely weaponized against us by Muslims everywhere.

With that in mind, there comes a time when evil must be outed for what it is. Let there be no doubt, that if the word “evil” is to have any meaning, then Islam is evil. Even so, by raising such a seemingly justified hue and cry over this recent Saudi travesty of justice, this otherwise acceptable dispute allows three things to happen (among many others):

• Muslims get yet another unearned chance to snivel that much more about judgmental Western attitudes even as they fend off any well-deserved criticism of their contrived "god-given" laws

• It furnishes Saudi Arabia with a potential façade of magnanimity should they unexpectedly deign to rescind this vile punishment

• This stokes even more sanctimonious Muslim indignation about supposed Western arrogance towards “minorities” (religious or racial).

All three of these results only serve Islamic ends in ways that continue to thwart the aims of counterjihadists everywhere. In fact, the more fuss from our corner about injustices like that of the al-Khawahir case, the more easily Islam’s appeasers and camp followers can dismiss such negative publicity as Islamophobic hype.

If it weren’t for niggling little minutiae like Iran’s all-out quest for nuclear weapons, the best course might well be to sit back and allow Islam to continually besmirch itself—as it so often does. Again, issues like Iran or the Egyptian Copts (and, for that matter, the Serbian Orthodox Christians), are where the spotlight should focus. Those of us in the counterjihad are potentially squandering precious candlepower by giving Islam undeserved opportunities to burnish its global image when it may be far more prudent to let Muslims expose themselves for the swine that they so often are.

What’s more, such ostensibly benign efforts by the counterjihad may well be shielding Muslims from their own failings. As with the three counterproductive results listed above, giving Islam any chance to back down from its atrocious conduct only allows further short-term rehabilitation of its negative image. Why help to gold plate a turd?

Might it not be best to let Muslims feel the lash and sting of their own stupid choices? Why allow the brunt of these stripes to fall upon our own backs? As Oscar Wilde said, “When the gods wish to punish us, they answer our prayers.” Isn’t it time that we let the prayers of Muslims be answered? Let them have their depraved shari’a law with its beheadings, amputations, gouged eyes and abject cruelty.

Clearly, Muslims have not yet had their fill of shari’a law. I say, let them have it in full measure. Do not take this to mean that any further spread of this Islamic filth should be tolerated—quite to the contrary. Any Muslim sorties along Islam’s “bloody borders” deserve nothing less than crushing opposition; all the more so in order that Allah’s presumed invincibility should be falsified whenever and wherever possible.

Finally, there is a pair of very important lessons to be taken away from Islam:

First, that old Arab maxim about how, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” has zero meaning when dealing with Islam. Helping Muslims vanquish whatever enemy—be it Soviet invaders of Afghanistan or Communist Chinese oppression of Uighurs—only means that Islam will still turn upon the West at its earliest convenience.

Second, in light of the MENA (Middle East North Africa) region’s so-called Arab Spring, never has there been a better example of, “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.” Qadaffi Duck, Mubarak and Assad all will end up looking like staunch pro-West cheerleaders once the Ikwan has gained ascendancy.

It’s time for Muslims everywhere to get what they so richly deserve. Let us in the counterjihad carefully husband our resources and expend them where they do the most good. If Saudi Arabia’s latest dupe, Ali al-Khawahir, must become a martyr—for Muslims or otherwise—then so be it. It’s long past tea for the counterjihad to realize that Muslims cannot, and should not, be protected from the idiocy of their ill-thought-out choices. The wails of some 300 million Islamic victims echo down the corridors of time.

Let not those cries go unanswered but waste not the few resources that may, one day, finally get a chance to hold Islam accountable for the immeasurable mayhem it has wrought over the centuries. Humanity deserves nothing less.

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