Updates on the Boston Attack

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Investigative Project on Terrorism and JNS

After last night's events, we now know the identities and backgrounds of the two men identified in the videos. They are Tamarlan and Dzhokhar Tsarbaev, ethnic Chechens and yes, Muslims. While many of their associates are stunned, jihadi sentiments have, indeed, surfaced (Hat tip Investigative Project on Terrorism).


In the meantime, the below report, from JNS, has some troubling information on yesterday's interfaith service in Boston. I was wondering if the Islamic Cultural center of Greater Boston was participating. Now it appears they were scheduled to take part, but that the head imam, Suhaib Webb, was replaced at the last minute. Given the background of this center, that is appropriate.


I have posted about this center in the past, largely as a result of the work of Charles Jacobs of Americans for Peace and Tolerance-based in Boston- who has tried to warn the Jewish interfaith leaders about the troubling associations of the center.





Let us hope the second suspect is brought o justice before he can kill again.

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Zenster said...

I just wanted to compliment everybody here for some real nose-to-the-grindstone investigative work. From the get-go, there was no doubt in my mind that this was your run-of-the-mill jihadist terror attack.

To see comments at news site declaring this the work of Tea Party or pro-gun factions was disgusting in the extreme. Even now, the media still cannot bring itself to declare outright that this was a business-as-usual Islamic terror attack.

This, from the LA Times:

Initial reports on the possible motives for two Chechen brothers suspected in the Boston Marathon bombings suggest there was little if any instigation from their volatile Russian homeland or an international Islamic militant force such as Al Qaeda. [emphasis added]

As if al Qaeda is the sole source of all global terrorism and not the Qur’an itself. There is no limit to the amount of backfilling that these media bastards will do to obfuscate the basic fact that Islam is at war with the West.

0bama calling this a “tragedy” is just another dose of the “man-caused-disaster” horse hockey that Liberals use to deflect attention away from Islam and its vicious brutality.

As to the Boston mosque participating in the "interfaith" service, why not invite some neo-Nazis to a observance of the Ha-Shoah?

Regarding the swift deportation of Rahman Ali Alharbi; for many years I have been hammering on the fact that terrorism runs in the family. It’s what makes these terrorist cells so hard to infiltrate and also facilitates the transfer of funds or materiel for jihadists purposes.

Anyone trying to enter America from an Islamic country or that has an Islamic name should be required to submit a DNA sample so that a genetic map can be built for the purpose of diagramming the relationships between these terror groups.

Better yet, don’t allow any of these damned Muslim cretins into the country in the first place.

I’ve got to stop now or this will go on for another ten pages.

Again, thank you and good work all!

Andrea said...

I’ve got to stop now or this will go on for another ten pages.

It is incredibly hard for me to keep my mouth shut today in order to stay focused on trying to get people to see what Glenn Beck is doing.
Running thru my mind is if "they" off him before Monday, the gauntlet will have been thrown down to the rest of us that it is now - game on.
GrumpyElder was looking today for info on the black flag. I pointed to a couple of pieces (though not the main ones I needed to find) done by FlippinTheRaya.
For anyone who has followed flippin - he is now gone.
But/and/whatever - we are at full blown crisis point - the next few days will probably give us a pretty good clue where this country is going.
That LA Times quote almost makes me hysterical.
Pray for G.Beck. Pray for America.