An Easter Tribute!

As a gesture of respect to this site’s owner and operator—not to mention him being one of the most decent individuals I have ever had the privilege to call friend—it behooves me to direct my disputable artistic skills towards capturing some aspect of this sombre Holiday and a sincere recognition of his belief.

The crucifix is of a traditional dogwood grain and limned in blood red out of respect for He who suffered its unendurable torment. The lambent rays that spread from its apex are shaded in graduations of increasing transparency that become clearest along its major axis, as does His word to those who follow most closely in that path. Centered on the transept is an orb of brilliant green representing both the regeneration of springtime and the rebirth that Christ offers all who would take him as their savior. A golden nimbus symbolizing the hallowed nature of its station halos it. And detailed in the cross is a separate indicator of the one true path of right conduct that commands every last one of us to recall the Golden Rule of doing unto others as we would have them to do unto us.

That detail’s upward indicator is a tribute to how there is only “One Way”—be it for a true believer or an Agnostic—all of us have no choice but to follow the path of Right Conduct. Anything less is, not just unworthy but contributory to a nascent—if not, fully fledged—evil.

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Andrea said...

The description as beautiful as the art Zenster.

PatriotUSA said...


I disagree with your description of your art as 'disputable artistic skills', so knock that off! I know of your artistic skills and I think your artwork is incredible.

This is a beautiful work and I am very touched by you and that you think enough about me and my faith to do this. You may understand better than anyone else, how my faith is deeply based on Jesus and his actions and words. This is what my spirituality is built upon and I am not beholding to any one church. That I am known as a Christian, based on Jesus is more than enough to 'describe' me and my walk.

Thank you and I am 'almost' at a loss for words. Notice I said almost. :)

Zenster said...

Thank you both. Your kind words are much appreciated.