NEED! $250K By July 4th! (seriouzsly)

America is ready for Communism and we all need to get behind Hussein Obama's efforts!

To show our support, I think we should raise $250,000 to buy this statue of Lenin that resides at the "Artist's Republic of Fremont" somewhere around Seattle.  It is for sale!  

I believe it would make a nice addition to the White House front lawn and if we can raise the current asking price for this sixteen foot, seven ton piece of "art" we can send the gift to BHO, say by July 4th - formerly known as Independence Day - to let our CIC (and the first "C" stands for....) know we are behind him all the way!



Nick (and you know who you are) this one's for you.  Your concern for our country, though you are not from America, is tremendously appreciated.

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PatriotUSA said...

Nick understands Amerika better than most Americans, especially in this day and age of having a dictator, er um POTUS such as Obama.

Anonymous said...

Love the posts, love the site. I wanted to contribute to the topic with a cool find I stumbled upon, that you may want to use (or not) - http://bit.ly/intependenceday

(we'll use it for our Texan Pride Independence Day Party here)