Muslim Culture Meets German Engineering

Does anyone find this offensive? I am sure it would be just fine if a Christian, Jew, Sikh, Buddhist was in inside the car. If this offends you then I suggest you are in the wrong place. Muslims blow up most of the people killed in murderous terrorist attacks, period. See this site, The Religion Of Peace for proof of the last statement.

“Muslim Culture Meets German Engineering” – a 15-second commercial. Looks like VW is once again putting out a fine product. (VW could never get away with this advertisement in the US!). In the United Kingdom and Ireland it is the most popular TV commercial playing. People allegedly call in to learn the schedules for showing this commercial!

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Findalis said...

Sorry but not funny. Attacks like these are just too scary to contemplate.

Could you imagine what would have happened if the Times Square bomber had stayed with the car and blown himself (and others) up as a martyr? One day, one of these idiots will do so.

PatriotUSA said...

Understood and my apologies to you, Findalis.

And yes, scary beyond anyone's imagination.