Islam has one goal...world domination

This came in the comments just a short time ago.
Michael Johnston said...
I'm a retired Special Forces Soldier currently working as a contractor for the Government. I've been fighting against these cowardly Islamic "warriors" for a long time. We better wake up PDQ because before long they WILL be clacking themselves off in America. Islam has one goal...world domination...and unlike Hitler they spread by peaceful means until they get strong enough to use violence. Google the "TEAM B" report on stealth jihad and Sharia in America...

 As I have stated many times over:

There is no peace within Islam and with Islam, there can never be peace. PatriotUSA

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Nick said...

If one consider's Isaiah Berlin's concept of "negative freedom", that is to say the number of doors open to you, the range of action which it is possible for you to perform as an individual, for a moment ...

Islam by its very nature restricts the negative liberty of non-Muslims, women and children (and indeed male Muslims too).

Islam is therefore, by definition, incompatible with human freedom.

PatriotUSA said...

I edited this comment from to remove personal information and then got permission to share the rest:


"Man! You have a great site too! What, between yours and Eowyn' I'm not sure ill have any time left for my writing!

Thanks so much for your link and all the information. I am putting your site on my Ipad homepage."

Thanks again, Patriot!

Thank you VoxSanitas!