Rifqa Bary Revisited: Why She Ran Away

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Atlas Shrugs and MEMRI-TV

Sallah Sultan                                                      Rifqa Bary

Would you let your daughter be influenced by this man?

If you recall the case of Rifqa Bary, the Muslim teenager who converted to Christianity and ran away to Florida in fear of her life, this piece cross-posted from Atlas Shrugs and MEMRI-TV might make you understand why she left and feared for her life. Below from MEMRI-TV is a recent video clip of Sallah Sultan  the former imam of Rifqa's Ohio mosque as he gives a sermom in Gaza.


Fortunately, Rifqa turned 18 as her family was trying to have the courts return her to them. She is now living in an undisclosed location. When you consider the hateful words of Sultan, you understand that Bari had every reason to get away from that mosque.

In the speech by Andrew McCarthy yesterday at the National Press Club, which I posted, he made an interesting observation in differentiating between ordinary Muslims and Islamists (those that seek to achieve Islkamic supremacy over others.) He said (I am paraphrasing) that while many ordinary Muslims are attempting to live here according to our way of life, many of their community leaders and religious leaders are  following the path of jihad. Many imams in our mosques have come here from Muslim countries and don't respect our values. It seems the case of Sultan is a prime example.

Why is it that we are allowing so many imams with Wahhabist/Salafist beliefs to be imported into this country to preach their hateful messages in our mosques? Considering what is going on today, should this not be a national security issue?

How did we allow Sultan and others, like the Blind Sheikh, Omar Abdel Rahman, to come here in the first place? One obvious victim of this misguided policy is Rifqa Bary.

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