Calling taqiyya on this mosque and this incident. What a bunch of nonsense.

This is NOT a hate crime and why is a mosque in a neighborhood like this?

Maybe if a pig's head had been left at the entrance to the mosque, then that might constitute a hate crime. 

The mosque members want to talk to the kids who threw the citrus fruit at the mosque, why?
To rope these kids in and try to start the brainwashing process and convert them and their families to islam, that's why. This is all part of the plan of islam, to convert to sudue all until islam is the ONLY ideology (it is NOT a religion) in existence.

There is NO peace within islam, and with islam there can NEVER be peace.

Video from Halalboozeshack

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Nick said...

This reminds me of an incident some years back. My dad had lent me his car, my own one was in the garage, and I came out of the back door of the local hospital to see some numpty with L plates about to reverse straight into my dad's car. I shouted out at him and ran over there; it turned out some geezer was supposed to be guiding the learner driver as he executed a 3-point turn in a hospital car park, of all places.

And this idiot was guiding him right back, keep going keep going, and he was about a foot from my dad's car - it wasn't even my own motor, that wouldn't have been as bad.

So naturally I gave the guy on foot, who was supposed to be learning the young guy behind the wheel, a right piece of my mind.

He insisted that there was no problem, there was "loads of room" and then suggested that he was being "assaulted".

I somehow managed to keep myself under control, and explained to him that he was not being assaulted, however if he wanted to know what that felt like, I could accommodate him. And being in a hospital car park, he could then go directly into casualty to get his face stitched back up.

Meanwhile this poor young fellow was sitting in the car wondering what was going on, afraid to get out in case things ahem ... escalated shall we say.

What a pair of A-holes - but there's a lot of it about. People don the cloak of victimhood and make their behaviour someone else's fault. The poor me syndrome.

It's pathetic.

Nick said...

Which reminds me of another hospital car park incident. I was parked up aboard a Freelander, a big old 4WD with big old bumpers etc.

And this pensioner guy who must have been 80 plus came out of the hospital and got aboard his car, and old red Fiesta.

And proceeded to reverse out of his parking space. He needed to go quite far back in order to get out of the car park headfirst, so back he came ... and back he came ... and back he came ...

Until eventually he hit me, now he was doing about 2-3mph, and the bumper absorbed it, so all I felt was a gentle nudge ... but still.

I got out and shouted WTF you think you're doing man!

He got out and said "There's no need to swear."

Er, guaranteed to make the situation worse, a comment like that. I explained to him rather forcefully that I would be the judge of that. He just needed to concern himself with driving his car without hitting other people.

So there I am getting into it with this old guy in the middle of the hospital car park, and he's looking fair forlorn and downtrodden, and explained to me that he couldn't reverse AND look into three different mirrors at the same time ...

Well at that point, what are you going to do? I just started laughing, and said okay man, just watch what you're doing in future when you're parking and leaving, take care going home and never mind, no harm done after all ... that sort of thing.

But really. Can't reverse AND look in his mirrors at the same time? You've got to laugh ...

Nick said...

Which reminds me of another incident: I was driving home from work one night and the road was closed off - officially anyway - because there were roadworks ongoing. Naturally I ignored the signs saying to detour miles into the countryside, and went through the roadworks and kept on going.

There were no other cars on the road and this was late at night. And it was a good job I chanced my luck a bit. Because as I drove along I suddenly noticed a body.

Lying at the side of the road, in the grass.

I stood on the brakes and went back. Sure enough, a human being" Happily, they looked up at me from the ditch, and signified that they were still alive and kicking.

Turned out to be some old guy who had gone out walking, and got lost in the dark, and had gone through the woods at the end of town, then out the other side - and then fell down the side of a hill and ended up lying in the grass at the side of the road.

One 999 call later ... he was off to hospital. That was an eventful run home from work, right enough ... you're never sure what you're going to see when you're driving about the countryside. Deer, badgers, foxes, pheasants ... a body!