Crafting an Electorate

Checking through the usual litany of emails in my inbox yesterday, I stopped scrolling as I saw one startling missive from a good, conservative friend. He had sent along an article posted by FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) which detailed Oregon’s Governor John Kitzhaber and his plan to issue a new form of ID for illegal aliens.
I had to read the short piece twice.  This governor, who I campaigned against on behalf of Chris Dudley, is leading the charge to emulate President Obama in regularizing illegal aliens. Consider that Kitzhaber won in this blue state by a mere 1.52%, with the lion’s share of the votes cast in dark blue, progressive Multnomah and Lane counties, both the location of major, liberal universities.
While there are exceptions, college professors and students are heavily weighted Democrat. Even without studies, this makes pure sense from a logic standpoint: professors are often employed at state institutions, receiving government funds and grants and once they receive tenure, can spout any ideology sans repercussions.  The longer insulated from the “real world” of competitive free markets, the more skewed the world-view.
And students, unless secure in their belief system and adept at critical thinking, are rife for liberal indoctrination. The freshmen arrive at campuses, many away from home for the first time, filled with youthful enthusiasm and at least some element of rebellion in their nature. These students look up to their various profs and eagerly consume either subtile or overt, liberal presuppositions. Combined with commonly no full-time jobs nor taxes, the collegians have no real-life experience to temper the messages they receive in the classrooms. Thus, academia, is, on average a very liberal sector of the voting block.
Now President Obama has de facto implemented The Dream Act, which stops the deportation of nearly 800,000 illegals between the ages of 15-30–college age! In addition, the AG filed suit in July of 2010 to hamstring Arizona’s SB 1070 which sought to curtail illegal immigration. The Supreme Court upheld the provision 8-0 (Justice Elena Kagan did not vote), which compelled Obama to advance his vision of immigration reform with renewed vigor.
So, we have Governor Kitzhaber pushing for valid ID for illegals in Oregon. The Governor hopes that changes in the Oregon driver’s license laws “…would allow “[illegal aliens] to come out of the shadows.”  At a time when Oregon has an mean unemployment rate of 8.5% and state debt of over $34 billion, the governor wants to encourage those who would further drain our public resources. The opportunity for voter fraud is huge, especially in a 100% vote by mail state.  As my father is fond of saying, “If you pay Peter to vote for Paul, Paul will always win!”
As a grand-daughter of Norwegian immigrants who came to America legally, immediately began the process to become citizens, and birthed a legacy of hard work, I could not be more opposed to the notion of illegal immigration. In a nation of laws, it would seem legal citizenship is the most basic of precepts. To my grandfather, citizenship was an great honor, not a troublesome aside, and voting was a good American’s sacred duty.
It would seem President Obama and Governor Kitzhaber are building a sector which will vote for those they owe the most, vis-à-vis entitlements.  Said entitlements are paid for by hard-working and overly taxed Americans and create a mindset which is the complete opposite of JFK’s famous statement ”Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country!”
To complete the scary scenario, just last week Obama’s re-election campaign, in conjunction with the Ohio Democratic Party, filed a lawsuit to block a new Ohio state law that allows the troops to vote early up until the Monday before an election.  All other voters must have their early ballots in by 3 days prior to an election. The rationale behind the law being that service members may be stationed overseas and need the extra time for ballots to be returned. There were issues with military ballots not being allowed in the 2000 and 2004 elections. Considering that members of the armed forces, especially the upper echelons, tend to be more conservative than the country as a whole, it would behoove Obama to limit any special consideration given those serving. A purely unscientific survey taken amongst 100 of my military twitter followers indicated that all were voting for Romney, and all but 1 felt the majority of those serving would vote for The GOP candidate.
Thus, as I consider all of these tactics on the part of the President and the left, I see a strategy that is as smart as it is frightening: by a combination of entitlement gifts, and promises to not legally eligible voters, and by litigation to impede more conservative voting blocks, Obama and his supporters are carefully crafting an electorate. I can only hope that The GOP and Romney’s team are on their A game and working intensely to overcome these despicable tactics.  And I hope that every conservative, common sense independent, and Reagan Democrat American turns out to vote in massive numbers come November…the exceptional legacy of this great republic depends on it!

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