I reject them: Oriana Fallaci

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Andrea Ostrov Letania said...

Are Jews any better?


PatriotUSA said...

Since you brought it up, yes they are.

David Duke?? Please, he is an anti-semitic bastard who should be wearing a white cape and pointed hat.

Jews have done much to better mankind over the years while islam and most muslims have contributed honor killings, rampant persecution and subjugation of women and girls, slavery (still active via islam in Africa), over 93% of all terrorist attacks (see the site religion Of Peace) are done by muslims, want me to keep going?

islam is still stuck in the 7th century and the vast majority of muslims who immigrate to other countries refuse to assimilate and want to bring islam and sharia law to the entire globe.

islam IS NOT a religion but a perverse, violent political ideology (see Bill Warner's site: Political Islam) which wantonly persecutes any minority or real true religions. Judaism, Christianity while not perfect have evolved over time, islam has not.

Jews nor Christians fly planes into buildings, blow themselves up to kill, maim and render as many as possible dead.

What have muslims contributed to humanity compared to Christians or Jews, virtually NOTHING.

I do NOT HATE muslims at all. I desire to see those that are trapped and brainwashed by islam to be free and leave islam. Little problem with that is then those apostates are immediate targets for death, marked as traitors to the pedophile mohammad and the perverse god, allah AND THAT INCLUDES THEIR FAMILY AS WELL. My problem is with islam and it's bastard step child, sharia law.

Ms.Fallaci saw the dangers of muslim immigration and islam long before many others did. Look at europistan now, immigration did this and mostly from muslim countries.

I know quite a few Jewish people and I have NO problem trusting any of them and NONE of them are JINOS or far left Chicago Jesus, kool aid drinking idiots. Every muslim I have met in my life ended up being a person who I would NOT trust with a pack of gum.

You can find bad, rotten people in any race or religion.

Are YOU anti-Semitic, Andrea?

Again, David Duke? Really quite sad and I have watched some of his
videos and was not fooled or impressed. The truth is not the hate he is spewing.