Rescuing the LEFT OVER DOGS: AJ talkin' so listen up!

AJ talking here: WOOF WOOF! 

Just a couple of days to go!

AJ is bothering me for another darn walk!

UPDATED: I plan to keep running this at the top to help these fine folks and the dogs they have rescued, out. If you can great, if not we understand as times are so very tough. Just scroll down for the most recent posts.

Thank you and take your human for a walk!


I just got back to my forever, great home after taking 'grumpy' for a walk. I am not sure what his name is but is he was a dog, I think 'cur' would fit him just fine. He thinks he is walking me but it is the other way around. For a human, he is not bad.

Grumpy and his family rescued me, AJ from the Humane Society. What now seems like lots of walks, hikes, dinners and car rides ago. So many humans had looked at me and tried to take me for that 'test' walk' that homeless dogs hate. It was not until Grumpy took me for that last test walk, which went on forever. Grumpy understood me right away and after awhile I was doing my best to please him and the rest of his pack. I did not want that test walk and play time to ever end with his pack, and it never has.

There is something between Grumpy and me that is really special. He is always loving on me all the time (when I am awake), saying stuff to me I do not totally understand but I know true love, devotion and this is it. It is up to me to be the best, loving companion I can be for Grumpy and his pack. He is crippled and hurt so I try to be by Grumpy's side, no matter where he is or what he may be doing. Grumpy is hurting all the time and walks really bad at times. I can sense his pain when I take him for his walks. Grumpy has really slowed down. Maybe he got in a lot of fights or had some terrible things happen to him, yet he never forgets to love me, no matter what.

The cookies! There is always a lot of cookies and healthy stuff to eat.

I am one really lucky dog but you know, there are many who are not so fortunate. 

Many of us never make it their last, forever homes. Grumpy and his pack would take all of us home if they could but they just cannot. I think I had better let Grumpy take over from here and thank you for listening to me! AJ

I wanted you to get your attention and bring to your attention something that is just incredible and involves six dogs. You all know how I feel about AJ and dogs.

We are talking about SIX dogs that have been rescued and saved from probable death by a wonderful older couple. I found out about them through another person who's name does not need to be mentioned, at least for now. These are dogs that need my help and yours. It can be just a tiny amount of $1.00. I will be sending a donation in as soon as I can.  

This is NOT a scam. Like I said, I know someone close to these dogs and fine people.

Read below for information about these dogs and the wonderful couple who rescued these six dogs. These six dogs have already been saved. Now they need to be like AJ and find that great loving, forever home. 

I will be catching up on a lot of emails today so posting maybe on the light side.

Thank you and I know times are tough for so may of us. PatriotUSA


Rescuing the LEFT OVER dogs
Could/Would you? Send $1 for the sweet rescued Left Over Dogs?

Why rescue dogs if you cannot afford to provide for all of their expensive medical care?

Campaign start : July 23
A little bit about Us

Hello! My name is Madlyn, and my husband is Ray. He is a disabled veteran, and we are Senior citizens. Like many of you, we, too, are passionate animal lovers. However, we did not deliberately set out to start rescuing dogs. This mission came about in life after our five children were grown and gone. My husband worked in a building that was near by a group of dog breeder/sellers. Their inventory of unsellable dogs would get too large, so they would have to get rid of (kill) the dogs that were too old, not cute enough, or if the dogs were in any way damaged, held over too long, or just not chosen. Maybe the dogs just weren't dog enough. These poor dogs were just not wanted!

Sadly, these are the LEFT OVER dogs. The breeders didn't want the dogs to be put down either, so they would try to give away the dogs no one had bought.They figured out real quickly that Ray and I were the answer to some of their inventory excess, so they started offering us some dogs, one at a time. If Ray had his way, he would have taken them all home. We know we can't rescue all the doggies in the world, but here are six we took from the breeders, and into our homes and hearts, which we named:

Bubba, Bella, Rocky, Champ, Danny, and Charly.

*Stay tuned for Updates with pictures and stories!*

About YOU, our IndieGoGo fans!

VIEW UPDATE with video!!!

*International viewers get the same perks!*

This campaign is about rescuing the unwanted LEFT OVER dogs, but it is also very much about serving YOU, our IndieGoGo fans, for participating in the rescuing of these dogs. Your contributions, and your influence alone, have the power to make our campaign dreams come true. Even a one dollar contribution level helps, and we are just so appreciative. In that light, view your perks to the right. I think you will be pleased to know that Ray is personally designing two STERLING SILVER 'paw print' pendants, to be chosen which one you want, for participation at the $50 level and above. He takes great pride in making each piece by hand.

Rescued Dogs are Expensive!
Getting dogs out of a dog mill is only the first step in the rescue process. Ray and I thank you, in advance, for your help in completing the second step of the rescue process of these unwanted LEFT OVER dogs, which is their medical well being. Old timers would call this 'bringing them up to snuff!' When rescued dogs are brought up to a healthy standard, then they have an opportunity to be presented in good conscience, to their FOREVER homes (the third step).

The medical care of these rescued dogs has rightly cost us a lot of our income, but we do this from our heart. These animals come to us with costly medical problems, or latent problems that will surface later, and must be medically addressed. Frankly, there is more financial need for the continued care and well being of these precious animals, than our present income affords

This, dear IndieGoGo fans, is where you come in.

This is an invitation for you to contribute some of your hard earned money towards this campaign, of funding the medical well being of these 6 rescued dogs. We truly need your help, and would appreciate it so very much! We are hard workers, but this time we are dependent on the generosity of people like YOU.

The Need : $2652.00

We have access to a number of Veterinarian facilities, but we have chosen the one that best meets our expectations of both professional and financially reasonable care for these dogs.

The money will go to medically fund the needs of these six dogs: initial exams, medical grooming, neutering, boarding, all the tests and medicine and shots that go along with their surgery, lab work, plus their vaccination updates. I have repeatedly gone over the numbers, and feel this will cover their current needs.

If pledges reach over our goal, these dogs have so many needs, over and above what I am actually asking. I would love to invest in a shaded outdoor area for them.

I feel it is urgent to resolve this campaign in favor of these six dogs, to quickly get their medical needs met, and to make decisions on their Forever Homes.

Could/Would you? Send $1 for the sweet rescued Left Over Dogs?

The Rest of the Story
Ray has the soft heart in this family, but I am the enabler. I would go look at all the dogs at the breeder's place of selling, and of course, come back and tell him. I could fall in love with all of them! No matter how long the dogs had been caged, they still put on a show that melted my heart. I just knew they were begging to go home with me! They don't even know what 'home' means, yet, do they? They just hope a human will love them. They put their best paw forward, being as cute as they could be, showing off for my attention, for anyone's attention. When people would come up to the cage, they just wanted so much to be picked up, held, touched, petted, loved on. Poor needy homeless doggies!

The dogs that broke my heart the most were the ones that had been rejected for so long, that they would just sit in the corner of the cage quietly, and refuse to interact, all hope given up. How many times did they yelp and jump, put on their absolute very best show, hope and hope, and yet not once did they get to leave their Monster cage, and go home with a human. This type of dog had figured out that it was just no use to put out the effort anymore. I could just hardly bear that, watching them.

You and I know that these dogs would have made wonderful, loving, playful, loyal companions if given a chance, but instead, they end up so lonely in shelters, waiting for homes that may never come.

It makes me so sad, and it grieves me, because I know in my heart that most of these dogs will never get to go home with anyone, that they will eventually be put down (killed). There are just too many unwanted LEFT OVER dogs! And that, dear indiegogo fans, is the rest of the story.

Since my time is primarily actually spent taking care of my disabled husband and six dogs, I am greatly dependent upon YOUR social networking skills, and word of mouth to help us out. Please facebook, tweet, and tell your on line aquaintances about this campaign. We would just appreciate it so very much!

Thank you for caring!

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6 Comments - Share Yours!:

Andrea said...

My friend MadlynJane was unable to post a thank you here, browser issues or who knows with the internet. She asked that I post this for her.

AJ, your story just about me cry. I could see the plight of homelessness through your eyes. I am so glad you rescued your HUMAN, because you could both share a world that would otherwise have been impossible. You are so fortunate because there are alot of humans that just do not understand about doggone homelessness, and they wouldn't have the patience that YOUR human does. My husband is in alot of pain, too, so it made me very sad that your Human suffers. I know you do your very best to make his physical well being better for him. I just can see your handsome face looking up at your human, licking him, putting your paw on him, and doggie praying for him, reassuring him YOU ARE THERE FOR HIM! Now....Mr. Patriot, I know AJ & you did NOT have to post this story about our LEFT OVER dogs. Why, it made ME want to know those wonderful people, that I even want to give them some dollars! BRILLIANT of you to add a place for kind hearted folks to donate. THANK YOU EVER, EVER, FOREVER SO MUCH! in behalf of Ray, Bubba, Rocky, Champ, Danny, Charly, and Bella!

Andrea said...

Additional thoughts - Even if you can't make a donation (tough in this day!!!) she would love to have any comments at her site. And if you are twitter inclined she (I'm real proud of her - this is ALL brand new to her) has two twitter accounts you could follow.

@LeftOverDogs - obvious who that is, and @CrassHag is her account for her political perspective.

That is all and thank you!

PatriotUSA said...

I consider it an HONOR to post about these six dogs and the plight of such dogs.

Andrea, thanks for posting that comment and there is no way to measure how deep this runs for me.

AJ has his head in my la as I type.
He just knows and senses so much more than any other dog we have owned or rather, been owned by.


Nick said...

If I ever visited a dog's home I'd definitely end up taking one home with me. I had a golden retriever when I was growing up, and I have thought about getting another one sometimes.

At the moment I'm looking after my brother's cat while he's on holiday, and to my surprise I've grown awfully fond of Oscar, who's a twelve year old black and white cat.

Findalis said...

I wish I could help. Money is tight and I wish I could take one or all of those dogs. My landlord said cats are ok, dogs are not allowed.

Nick said...