The DNC Freakshow: The Weird, The Bizarre, The Unnatural

The Charlatans at Charlotte, NC, present

The Dementocratic National Convention Freakshow

Featuring real living human oddities:

Sandra Fluke The Subsidized Snake Charmer
The Thin-Skinned President Barack Obama
Elisabeth Warren The Lily-White Cherokee
The Contortionist Charlie Crist
Joe Biden The Brainless Man

Other oddities with mental anomalies include: Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Michelle “The Beard” Obama, John Kerry - The Horse Face Boy, Jummah and The Flying Prayer Carpet, Bill Clinton - The Fat Lady Chaser, Obama's Egyptian Sand Statue, and more.

From The People's Cube 

Hat tip: The Last Refuge

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Don E. Chute said...

Like they say...So much truth lies in good humor...Sooooo True in this case...

The Speakers list is such a depressing bunch of nut-jobs...We have gone from 'Restoring The American Dream' [RNC]...to...Perpetuating failed Progressive-Socialist-Liberal hobglobins...

God Help US
PLU from SSF