She Didn't Build That House

Well, it wasn't really a house - it was a campaign - to help raise money for the six rescue dogs she and her husband care for and are devoted to.

I watched for the near thirty days the campaign ran and her herculean efforts are a testament to the best in the human spirit.  6200+ tweets and retweets, 575 followers!  She definitely built that house!

AJ and PatriotUSA have gotten to know MadlynJane aka @LeftOverDogs, and I know you know, she has been so grateful for you putting her information front and center on this wonderful site all this time. 

A little about her - she is sixty-three, the mother of six with fourteen grandchildren.  Her husband is a Viet Nam veteran.  He was with the Army 117th Assault Helicopter Company. He is very ill today, much associated with his service.  In her youth she was a certified gemologist who made exquisite jewelry.  Her husband is today an amazing craftsman who designs and creates equally beautiful jewelry.  She is a bible thumpin, gun totin Christian who goes to church twice a week and cooks and bakes and distributes food to those in need several times a week. 

Just ordinary Americans doing what Americans do.  

On behalf of LeftOverDogs (because she hasn't figured how to comment here) a huge thank you again to PatriotUSA and to all who supported, visited, helped spread the word, contributed to her campaign.

PS - yes! Charly will be moving several states away to come live with my husband and me.  He will go to work with us every day and he will be loved - very much!

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PatriotUSA said...


Wonderful news about Charly, I had tears in my eyes when you first mentioned this possibility.

I am honored and humbled to have been able to help MJ and this great cause. AJ would have NEVER forgiven me had I not helped out.

Prayers will not and do not stop once this event ended.

Thank you MJ for allowing me to help you and your husband.

Anonymous said...

Here's what really happened: Andrea dragged me kicking and screaming all the way, to learn twitter, to get people aware that I needed to raise money for the doggies' medical needs. She can be very persuasive! She turned my adamant NO! into a YES! Rick then took it upon himself to post my campaign on his site, at great detriment to his own needs, sacrificing valuable space for his own political passions, to help my dogs. I humbly THANK both of you, AND any of your followers who helped out, of which this campaign would not have been otherwise successful. Appreciatively, Madlyn Martin John 3:16