Animal abusers for Obama!

This is really a sad and disgusting affair. More proof (as if any more was needed) that liberalism is a terminal disease. They will stoop to the lowest of levels to ensure they stay in power.

I have never cared for Sarah Silverman and she is just one more brainwashed far left liberal person. 

Most of the Jewish folks I know are free thinking, right minded folks who find this disgusting. They abandoned the left long ago. 

Where is peta, the humane society and the aspca?

Busy writing checks to try and re-elect the POS potus

Hat tip: BC from I'M41!


Animal abusers for Obama!

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HermitLion said...

"Paid for by the Jewish council for education and research"?

Thanks for educating us all about your leftist mental diseases. No further research required.

"Shady" said...

Hey Patriot

No you are correct I do work on WP, I still maintain my blogger acct. however. I guess I still enjoy my blogger site. I am trying to develope my WP site. I was invited by TexasFred to work on with him. Recently Bloviatiing Zepplein started posting on WP as well.
I am rather new at this, but hope to get better. I just retired so I can dedicate more time.
You can catch me as well at http://texasbrady.com

Thanks Patriot

PatriotUSA said...

Glad to know I was not losing what little mind I have left.

Yeah, damn pw works on Fred's site and some others but then not yours and a few others.

Know about BZ and Fred, that is fine combination. Two, for lack of a better comparison 'black mambas.'

Thanks Shady and you are on the blogroll here.