You didn't win that

Stolen with the utmost respect from James G. Borden.

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An Old Sergeant said...

You got MSNBC but you forgot the parent peacock NBC. I'm not sure that MSNBCs 50 viewers had that much influence! :-)

PatriotUSA said...

Old Sergeant,

THANK YOU for stopping in. How did you end up here, just curious if you do not mind me asking?

Yes, I DID notice that but when one steals, ummm, borrows or cross posts from another friend, well what can I say?

There is honor among thieves, at least in my circle that is still true. :)

We could add Fox News and a bunch of others to the list as well.

I was not aware that PMSNBC still had 50 viewers except the douches and twaddles that the maddow rag.

Darn it, there I go again being a racist, queerphobe and who knows what else.

Ron Russell said...

Those words will haunt him all the way back to Chicago in Jan 2013. Stealing you image for my Obama Cartoons site. With a link back as usual.

PatriotUSA said...

Hi Ron,

Absolutely pleased and steal away.

Hope all is well with you and thanks for the link back!

HermitLion said...

In his case, that's actually true, though I'm sure he and his wife each think they've rightfully earned their position.