Back late tonight... had company

We had unexpected company show up on very short notice Friday night. They will be leaving here in a couple of hours. Out on the deck till 4:00 AM. Then took the Mrs and our friends shopping in Bend. I wanted to run over some wanna be hipsters and old stinky hippies but had to behave myself. Had to settle for just scaring them a little bit. heh.

Will be back late tonight.

Hint, hint!

Look for a jaded, one sided post about PatriotUSA's favorite cars. High MPG and earth friendly cars get little consideration and go find some tree hugger friendly site to whine at.

There is even a FOREIGN car maker in the my top car list. Notice here I did not say the 'best' cars as that is a can of worms that even I do not want to open up. Of course you can toss in your opinion in the comments section

Of course, this will have to be followed up with a a post about PatriotUSA's least favorite cars, not necessarily the worst cars but they are on the list for a reason. Not too hard to guess which will be at the top of THIS list.

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