The Disintegration of America: Part II

By Zenster
PK Note: Comfortably numb. That's how I feel right now. Reading about the violence escalating in Philadelphia (could the fictional Rocky Balboa even train there safely now?), New Orleans, Chicago, St. Louis... you begin to realize we are one incident away, when the wrong person is attacked by youths Black people merely playing a simple game of Knockout King.

I read the stories of all these crimes (can't comment on... all of them), waiting patiently for some elected official to say... something. None do. None ever will. Well, SBPDL is pleased to publish part II of Zenster's "The Disintegration of America." We hope you enjoy it. Tomorrow, we'll start with old school # posts. Oh, and for those claiming Red Tails was a box office success, you might want to rethink that claim: Tyler Perry movies usually pull in $25 - $30 million opening week, with considerable less in marketing dollars (or free, sycophantic marketing dollars via glowing newspapers articles and documentaries), and without schools closing to take students to see fiction peddled as truth. Red Tails had a budget of $58 million and a marketing/distribution budget of $35 million (all paid for by George Lucas). It made $19 million opening night, largely due Black people launching a Twitter to see the movie opening week. Prediction: Red Tails drops 70 percent in box office revenue next week.

As a matter of history, the Fourteenth Amendment was not understood to ban segregation on the basis of race.
― Cass Sunstein ― (Current Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs)

This section will examine the origins of segregation plus how a growing sense of entitlement is washing over America, particularly with respect to Blacks, but also in other parts of the population and the negative effects it has on social cohesion.

The Myth of Integration

The original and successful “integration” of America is largely an illusion brought about by the fact that a vast majority of early immigrants ― despite varying appearances and faiths ― still shared in common a largely Western European moral or spiritual framework. This provided a basic degree of mutual interest and lent genetic cohesion to an otherwise substantial population shift in the New World.

More recently arrived Black and Asian influxes posed issues that would prove increasingly problematic but, back then, were held in check by relatively strict and somewhat mutually agreed upon social segregation. However, almost all ethnic groups exhibited a degree of “enclave mentality”. This manifested as “Chinatown”, “Little Italy” plus districts for Irish, Scandinavian and other ethnic groups.

The so-called “melting pot” of America worked back then due to a predominantly European cultural milieu. Non-European populations typically did not intermingle as much and this minimal contact helped to curtail potential racial friction. America’s European immigrants slowly intermarried and this bled off a large amount of tensions that otherwise might have arisen.

Consistent with this existing social structure, actual government policies were put in place to ensure a lack of friction. Dating from 1937, CHA (Chicago Housing Authority) guidelines known as the “Neighborhood Composition Rule”, required that tenants of a given federally subsidized housing development must reflect the same race as people living in the environs of where it was to be located.

In light of how vulnerable midcentury inner cities were to arson and other riot-related havoc, the “Neighborhood Composition Rule” made a degree of sense. Awkward placement of subsidized housing recipients could have sown the seeds for racial confrontations that might just as easily have turned violent.

The “Great Society” and Big Government
Should anyone think that this sort of “social management” represented a new peak in paternalistic government, please consider the breathtaking scope of Lyndon Johnson’s plans. Here is a partial list of “Great Society ” programs.

• Medicare and Medicaid (as amendments to the Social Security Act)
• Economic Opportunity Act
• Office of Economic Opportunity
• Community Action Agencies
• Elementary and Secondary Education Act
• Higher Education Act
• Model Cities Program
• Housing and Urban Development Act
• Urban Mass Transit Act
• Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Food Stamps)
• National Endowments for the Arts
• National Endowments for the Humanities
• Wilderness, Endangered Species, and Federal Water Pollution Control Acts

Consider in detail then, how these new agencies gave the Federal government unprecedented powers of intervention with respect to what were once largely state-arbitrated matters. Just that last item alone, a forerunner to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), has seen numerous important state projects halted over supposedly endangered life forms of sometimes nearly microscopic dimensions.

This was Big Government on an unmatched scale in all of American history. It also represented a considerable dilution of America’s once principally Capitalistic free market economy through the injection of so many Socialist measures. The problematic aspects of expanding government to such a major extent have only now begun to show up on the electorate’s radar. This growth in the federal system also signaled a tremendous paradigm shift in who voted for whom and when.

During this most recent economic recovery, the federal government has been the only noteworthy source of new job creation. With almost two million employees in 2009, there are now plans afoot to create another 273,000 “mission critical jobs” over the next three years. This represents a 41% increase over the same figures contained in a 2007 survey.

It is vital to remember that government workers are tax consumers who live on the public’s payroll. Very few federal employees generate any actual revenue beyond that garnered by tax collection. The financial impact of this surge in government hiring will not be felt for many years even though its more immediate influence is sure to be visible at the polls. There is little doubt about how federal employees will tend to vote when there is any question about growing the government.

In this we encounter a fundamental conflict of interest which is little different from how our politicians habitually vote themselves pay increases. The most profound inconsistency resides in how the Public Employees Union has little, if any, incentive to oppose increases in pay and benefits despite how these escalating costs threaten to destroy America’s economic health. Unlike private sector workers, there is no perceived chance of driving their employer, the government, out of business with demands for more wages and better retirement plans.

The reason for pointing this out arises from how there is also manifesting a voting alliance between government workers and those whose survival is tied to public-paid benefits like welfare and Social Security. That the federal government hires a disproportionate number of minorities lends a special emphasis to this issue. Ensconced tax consumers are de facto pro-Socialists, as no other form of governance could possibly support them.

Back to the Plantation
It has long been apparent that the traditionally Liberal Democratic Party has a deliberate strategy of appealing to the poor through advocacy for increased spending on programs involving social benefits. Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” is a pluperfect example of this. Another voting bloc with a keen interest in social benefits is that of naturalized immigrants. The typically lower incomes of these two groups assure that they will more frequently rely upon social benefits and, therefore, vote for Democratic Party candidates.

By encouraging an “Open Door” policy to swell the ranks of immigrant citizens, America’s Democratic Party has effectively enlarged their voter base. Between increased government hiring and spending, there is a strong inflationary effect upon the economy such that this can pose negative consequences for private sector job creation. Thus, by exacerbating poverty and increasing the number of those who depend upon government largess, the Democratic Party creates, in effect, Mendicant Voter Plantations.

This was far more apparent in the age of large-scale urban housing projects and, as a consequence of ensuing negative publicity, Democratic Party members recently have sought to camouflage this rather grasping ploy by distributing Section 8 housing recipients into the suburbs of major cities. All of which is driving a renewed round of White flight as what were once exclusively White enclaves fall victim to the crime and lowered quality of life that an increased minority presence so often can bring along with it.

Furthermore, there is no longer any need for large urban housing projects. The Federal government is already so heavily Liberal ― with many Republicans being RINO (Republican In Name Only) ― that, while racial gerrymandering still exists, concentrating Black voters within a single district is not of such vital importance with regard to getting minority politicians into office. The massive number of underwater homes ― a curious byproduct of Democratic Party policies and programs ― has also contributed to an increase in residences available for Section 8 housing. Finally, expanded transit systems ― recall that “Great Society” Urban Mass Transit Act ― has made it possible to achieve the dual Liberal goals of exporting urban mendicant voters into areas with less burdened social services ― read: self-supporting White enclaves ― and simultaneously desegregating such areas by force.

This peremptory imposition of “diversity” only serves to increase racial tensions and, accordingly, grows government by requiring increased hiring of law enforcement and social service officers in areas where such involuntary “cultural enrichment” happens. Again, this municipal hiring swells the ranks of tax consumers and only increases that burden which is carried by the ever-thinning ranks of tax producers.

Liberal policy-making and programs consistently reflect a strong vulnerability to The Law of Unintended Consequences, something that LBJ’s experience in Vietnam should have made him keenly aware of. Fighting racism with compulsory desegregation only strengthens the enclave mentality. Attempting to end poverty with expanded government programs increases the tax burden for productive citizens and deters overall job creation. Examples of this Liberal failing are as numerous as they are varied.

Dis-Integration Arrives
If Jared Taylor’s observation is true; namely, that “the statistics for residential segregation in the United States are almost identical to what they were fifty or sixty years ago”, then what ultimate effect does this new form of forced integration have upon communities? It is already apparent that neighborhoods with a higher degree of racial “diversity” inherently will experience more divergent political and personal interests which can just as readily compromise any existing sense of social cohesion. Divergence of this sort is an automatic predictor of potential conflict.

One immediate outcome is an “atomization” of personal relationships. A community’s fabric loses its tightness of weave and thereby, its strength. This frequently promotes the sort of anonymity more commonly associated with urban environments. Such "facelessness" is a vital ingredient for criminal activity that is more often suppressed in tightly knit communities where an individual’s reputation has a greater effect upon their social and financial standing.

This fracturing of social unity more strongly affects Whites than it does other minorities specifically because they are minorities and already experience differing goals from both other ethnic groups and Whites as well. The inherent fragmentation of minority interests is merely a fait accompli while it is an absolute poison for White society. On an increasing basis any protest regarding this purposeful dismantling of White solidarity is hysterically shouted down with screeches of “racism”.

This slur is only given even more effectiveness by the cottage industry that has sprung up around racial “discrimination”. Hypocritical race baiters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have made lucrative careers out of inflating White Man’s Burden. With typical Black shortsightedness, little did they begin to suspect how their shameless race-mongering would set the stage for a mass rejection by Whites of this fossilized encumbrance from America’s slave era.

White Man’s Burden

After decades of being milked like the last cow on the farm, White Man’s Burden is rapidly losing its ability to inflict any guilt. All of this has been accelerated by a dawning awareness on the part of Whites that not only has this social engineering experiment with integration-at-gunpoint cost America countless trillions of dollars; it has also failed in a spectacular manner. Along with this failure has come a growing resentment for the continued inability of Blacks to productively utilize the immense largesse of White America in any meaningful way.

The Black community’s persistent poverty, high illegitimacy rates, habitual criminality and disproportionate incarceration statistics rather pointedly indicate that little to no progress has been made, nor is it forthcoming. Instead, despite its munificence, White America has only borne silent witness to an increased sense of entitlement among Blacks. This grasping arrogance has become so pronounced that such behavior now inspires slang terminology such as “gibsmedat” and other less polite expressions. Websites like unamusementpark.com, chimpout.com and niggermania.net stand as stark testimony to how fed up Whites and other races have become with, what is known in the vernacular as, TNB (Typical Nigger Behavior).

Neither has this sense of entitlement confined itself to Blacks. Having experienced an unprecedented half century or more of heretofore unknown prosperity, security and abundance, today’s American youth of all colors demonstrate precious little appreciation for the ultimate sacrifices which were made on their behalf; so that they could enjoy life in such full measure.

One indication of this spreading sense of entitlement comes from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York whose recent report cites how Americans now owe more on student loans than on credit cards. This is no small matter as student loan debt cannot be shed through bankruptcy and, if left in default, can see the average graduation-day total of $24,000 literally double in short order. Standing now at one trillion dollars it is, in effect, a looming credit bubble with borrowers bearing the brunt this time instead of bailed-out lenders.

The downstream implications of this are substantial as debt-burdened graduates will be obliged to forestall life milestones like buying a car or house and getting married or having children. All of which promises, in turn, to further depress an already flagging economy. Getting today’s students to carefully consider accepting government assistance is not helped by having a Black minority that has made such a very conspicuous career out of riding upon the coattails of productive citizens and does so in an entirely obnoxious manner.

The Luxury of American Poverty
Nor is it helpful that newly arrived immigrants are treated to this spectacle of thankless greed. Such overt hostility displayed towards Whites masks the simple fact of how supposedly “poverty stricken” American Blacks experience a standard of living which exceeds that of most other nations on earth.
As scholar James Q. Wilson has stated, “The poorest Americans today live a better life than all but the richest persons a hundred years ago.” In 2005, the typical household defined as poor by the government had a car and air conditioning. For entertainment, the household had two color televisions, cable or satellite TV, a DVD player, and a VCR. If there were children, especially boys, in the home, the family had a game system, such as an Xbox or a PlayStation. In the kitchen, the household had a refrigerator, an oven and stove, and a microwave. Other household conveniences included a clothes washer, clothes dryer, ceiling fans, a cordless phone, and a coffee maker.
Presented with the prospect of such tremendous payoffs, it is not difficult to imagine how many other immigrants may subconsciously absorb a similar reflex in automatically labeling any conflicting White behavior as “racism”. That White Liberals are so indoctrinated by Cultural Marxism to the point of abject self-loathing

Given that America’s existing Black population poses so many detrimental factors, it defies all logic and reason that this nation is currently importing hordes of African nationals. Such illogicality is further compounded by the fact that many of these African immigrants are totally illiterate, both cognitively and technologically. None of which even addresses how they are often arriving from Islamic cultures which are brazenly antagonistic to all aspects of Western civilization. Again, much of this is a direct result of Liberal Democrats cultivating tax consuming Mendicant Voter Plantations at the direct expense of White Middle Class tax producers.

Unrestricted immigration has also contributed to a resurgence of the once-fading enclave mentality. This is especially the case due to how so many of these new immigrants come from non-European countries that have very little racial diversity. Cultural incompatibility at the most basic levels only increases how inappropriate this is. Just as American Chinatowns slowly were becoming a thing of the past, many major cities are seeing fairly clear divisions of turf into renewed ethnic warrens.

No single group exemplifies this more than recent Muslim immigrants. In European cities, this enclave mentality has spiked among Islam’s followers to the point of their creating so-called “No-Go Zones”. Non-Muslims, called kafirs, who enter such areas risk physical assault or worse; this includes law enforcement and emergency services personnel as well. While more prevalent in Europe, sections of Dearborn, Michigan are exhibiting the precursors of this phenomenon.

In this we find an exceptional example of immigrants purposefully driving segregation. Yet, any criticism by Whites over forming such intrinsically closed societies is immediately met with shrieks of “racism”. This is made all the more peculiar by the fact that Islam is not a race. None of which deters mass media from parroting this patently false accusation of “racism” whenever it encounters what is, otherwise, well-justified Islamophobia.

Equally, if not more alarming, is the fact that many Muslim immigrants have absolutely no intention of assimilating or integrating into their host cultures. Their “No-Go Zones” are total proof of this. What then to make of their so-called “immigration? There can only be one conclusion and it applies to all non-assimilating immigrants; they are not immigrating, they are colonizing.

This issue of colonization bears repeating because the equivalent arrangements found in Hispanic barrios and Black slums usually replicate this sort of “No-Go” environment, often for people of any other race. The Muslim “No-Go Zones” are particularly instructive due to how there is no possible way that Whites can be blamed for enforcing any degree of poverty involved, which is the common excuse for why such ghettoes exist in the first place.

So, there it is in plain language: ”Segregation for minority me but not for White thee”. This is just one more reflection of the iniquitous Liberal dictum that “only Whites can be racist”. If minorities practice de facto segregation, Liberals will claim that is just an ostensible way of “preserving their cultural identity”, but when Whites seek to obtain an identical result it is roundly condemned as the most virulent racism imaginable. This despicable double standard is a principal driver with respect to “The Dis-Integration of America”.

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Findalis said...

More Black families have been destroyed by LBJ than by the KKK.

The Democrats will keep Blacks on the Plantation and the Blacks love living on the Plantation. Get rid of Section 8, Food Stamps, Aid to Families with children, and WIC and these "entitled class" warriors will either starve to death or find jobs (Any job.).

PatriotUSA said...

Entitlements are just one of the ingredients of the liberal elixir that will kill this country.

These programs must exist for only the those of this class who will use them as a true aid to a better life. Mandatory drug tests and birth control are just two of what are necessary steps. If an a person refuses they lose any and all help, including unemployment.
Proof of LEGAL citzenship must also be mandatory, period no exceptions.

If these programs get killed, in the long run AND short term, this country will be much better off.

1389 said...


I don't own a lot of the electronic trinkets that your article cites poor black people as owning. Reason? Frugality and lack of interest.

These trinkets are, in many ways, not just toys and amusements, but also means of indoctrination and wasters of time. If I don't have game consoles and home theaters and suchlike, I might be spending my time working, looking after my family, going to church, or educating myself and others.

Bread and circuses...