Chilling Iran Briefing From Israel-Foreign Confidential

Here it is, more concert validation for Confidential Reporter's Foreign Confidential. If there were awards for excellence, accuracy and predictions coming true, Foreign Confidential was walk away with all of them. I have found nary a reason to reject or be suspect of CR's reporting and what is predicted by him on FC. There is simply no one better, more accurate or passionate about what is reported than Confidential Reporter on Foreign Confidential.


Chilling Iran Briefing From Israel

Iran Poised to Produce Nuclear Weapons
First Iranian Nuke Could be Ready by August
Iran Targeting US for Missile Strike
200,000 Iranian/Arab Missiles Aimed at Israel

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Iran, Hezbollah Working With Mexican Drug Cartels;
Terror-Narco Networks Could Smuggle Arms into US

Still more validation for Foreign Confidential™ coverage of the Iranian missile threat. Click here or on the above headline for the news, below for the revelation by Israel's deputy prime minister--be sure to watch the entire segment--and scroll down or click here, here and here for related Foreign Confidential™ reporting and commentary.

Original article is here.

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