The Dis-Integration of America ― Part III

“A racially integrated community is a chronological term timed from the entrance of the first black family to the exit of the last white family.” – Saul Alinsky
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Enter Cultural Marxism
Obama’s mentor, Saul Alinsky, obviously intended his definition of a “racially integrated community” to be harsh condemnation of White segregationist behavior. Yet, his words possess an unintended irony that was probably not at all apparent to this otherwise confirmed Marxist and staunch advocate of modern Multiculturalism. Alinsky’s vehicle of choice was Cultural Marxism. It is a finely tuned and devastatingly subversive strategy of which Political Correctness is but a small part. Another component of this seditious agenda is Multiculturalism, which is used to legitimize de jure desegregation (i.e., legally enforced integration), despite its patently unconstitutional aspects. Passages in earlier parts of this essay have already made clear that almost all other races accept and apply segregation on a far wider scale than has ever been practiced in Europe, America or Australia.

Moreover, Multiculturalism is also used to excuse modern immigrants from the onerous task of assimilation. Minority groups that eschew integration are said to be maintaining “cultural identity”. This not only drives the “enclave mentality” but condones an atmosphere of “separate but equal” which is entirely denied to Whites. The hypocrisy of Liberal multiculturalists goes much deeper, to the point where even such ghastly practices like FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) are being excused by supposedly staunch feminists.

Multiculturalism = Soft Racism
According to Liberal doctrine, minority enclaves are justified by the need of “fragile” or “vulnerable” (i.e., intrinsically less competent), Third World people to preserve their “cultural identity” when confronted with the pervasiveness of White Culture. Were they not less able to retain their sense of identity, there would be no problem with loss of culture even if they lived in an all-White neighborhood. It is as if minorities (to Liberals), are so weak-minded that they have no hope of resisting the siren song of White civilization’s standard of living. Who would want to resist it? More importantly, what alternatives are on offer from those who purport to shelter these minorities from such “Whiteness”? Hovering over this there lingers a strong whiff of that favorite Liberal canard, the Noble Savage. That, somehow, placed in America and protected from insidious White society ― but given full access to its infrastructure and social benefits ― these minorities will magically establish vibrant, productive communities of their own, despite how no such thing typically exists in their countries of origin.

A prime example of this is the “Unfair” campaign in Duluth, Minnesota. It puts forth an implicit assumption that just being White makes you a racist. This notion of “White Privilege” is a staple of the so called anti-racists and is used to bash all things White and Western. It is, perhaps, even sadder to note that rational Whites do not come forward and point out the 12.3X over-representation (pdf) by Blacks in Minnesota prisons, second in America only to Delaware (12.6X). It’s not racism when there are legitimate reasons to criticize or avoid a certain group.

Declaring that Whites have no need to strengthen their “cultural identity” is a tacit, if not frank, admission that White culture is so clearly superior that it needs no reinforcement. One may as well declare it to be America’s default culture. None of this explains the contradictory requirement that so many Multiculturalists insist upon when it comes to how White Western culture is also responsible for so many, if not all, of this world’s ills. Strong but incorrectly structured, superior yet in need of diversity; so which is it, floor wax or dessert topping?

The Zero Sum Game
The principal of ”Segregation for minority me but not for White thee” , isn’t just a local trend. Worldwide, the vast majority of non-White cultures allocate zero priority towards establishing anything that remotely resembles a diverse population. Why then, is this racial diversity not just demanded but, literally, extorted out of Whites? What justifies such unreasonable and lopsided expectations on the part of minorities?

One explanation is a persistent remnant of Marxist revolutionary propaganda known as the “Zero Sum Equation” (or Zero Sum Game).
Zero-sum assumptions have led inevitably to conflict. If wealth cannot expand, the nation must. Countries must choose between famine and decline, or aggression and war. It was only capitalism that overcame this immemorial predicament. As Walter Lippmann put it, capitalism "for the first time in human history," gave men "a way of producing wealth in which the good fortune of others multiplied their own." At long last "the golden rule was economically sound.” [emphasis added]
This Zero Sum meme states that in order for one person to win, another must lose in equal and opposite measure. It is a fabrication that has been used to stoke anti-White resentment amongst unsuccessful cultures and races by attributing America’s indisputable success to its supposedly large-scale theft of Third World resources.

This Marxist cant plays upon a notion more commonly found in less developed countries. It is based upon the concept of Absolute Scarcity, which a Middle Eastern proverb best sums up as: "It is not enough for me to succeed ― others must also fail." Such a retrogressive mindset is predisposed to believe that “The (White) System” keeps people of color “down”. This image serves to implant a false sense of entitlement in unproductive people. With sufficient agitation, such smoldering antipathy can be fanned into the flames of violence and terrorism.

A classic example of this is the still popular notion that Western countries have stolen Middle East oil. Not only have countless billions or even trillions of dollars been paid to Muslim governments for this commodity but, in fact, without advanced extraction and refining technology provided by the West, most of that petroleum would still be in the ground. Besides, the Zero Sum Equation is actually a reflection of Communism’s inability to create wealth instead of merely redistributing it. Truly productive cultures more often employ a win-win strategy that builds social cohesion and creates common cause.

A modern variant of this same entitlement theme has manifested as the “Nation of Aztlan” movement which seeks to re-annex much of the Southwestern United States back onto Mexico. It glorifies Mexico’s Aztec roots while studiously ignoring how that precolonial culture was not only quite elitist but exceptionally brutal to the point of torturing children prior to using them for human sacrifice.

The Aztecs believed that a child’s tears were the best way to supplicate Tlaloc, the deity of rain, fertility and water. Sobbing young sacrificial candidates were tortured in extremis just prior to having their still beating hearts cut out. Watch the Mel Gibson film “Apocalypto” for an accurate portrayal of early Meso-American life. In reality, the Aztlan movement is just old entitlement wine in a new Mexican bottle.

Few Americans are familiar with Black Liberation Theology. The first real glimpse most people had of it involved Barack Obama’s longtime pastor, Jeremiah “God Damn America” Wright. This doctrine is not about racial conciliation but of revenge and reciprocal (if not greater), racism. It centers upon the suffering of (a Black) Jesus as a model for minority oppression and encourages the usual victim mentality that automatically clings to a sense of entitlement.

As noted earlier, American Blacks ― even those who are below the official poverty line ― enjoy a standard of living which exceeds, almost without exception, that of their race anywhere else in the entire world.

The Poverty Cycle and Black Consumerism
Previous mention has been made of the poor long term planning skills that Blacks so frequently display. A standing 36 percent unemployment rate for Black males between 18-34 years of age can only translate into feeble retail purchasing power. How then to explain the recent Air Jordan riots that were almost unanimously Black? With their roughly $200 price tag, these athletic shoes are a pluperfect example of how Black poverty is almost entirely self-inflicted.

When combined with typically poor impulse control, this nearly congenital lack of forward planning renders Blacks uniquely vulnerable regarding an appearance of being superficially successful even while their long term earning prospects are often quite grim. As will be shown in Part IV of this essay, Black men ― especially those who have been previously incarcerated ― remain strongly inclined towards having casual consensual sex and are unlikely to marry or demonstrate even minimal parenting skills. It stands to reason that a superficial appearance of being successful will improve their odds of obtaining a female sex partner who is just as often more focused upon a man’s ability to provide.

Conspicuous Consumption assists in driving voluntary Black poverty. This ultimately destructive behavior obliges over-consuming Blacks to remain firmly rooted in their ghettoes. Suburban displacement of Blacks via Section 8 housing redistribution is one of the only causal factors in any escape from their traditional slum environment. As a corollary, this is driving the formation of “exurbs” which the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines as “a region or settlement that lies outside a city and usually beyond its suburbs and that often is inhabited chiefly by well-to-do families.” It requires very little imagination to guess that these exurbs are largely White enclaves seeking refuge from the criminality of Black Undertow.

What remains curious is how other ethnic groups that are susceptible to Conspicuous Consumption do not experience the same degree of impoverishment. The entire “knock-off” industry is a comprehensive testimonial regarding Asia’s thorough addiction to flaunting brand name apparel and goods. Yet, to a much greater degree, Asian ethnic groups manage to avoid being financially crippled by this character defect. Even more disturbing is how the most prolific conspicuous consumers are typically those who can least afford it.
To examine spending by racial groups, Roussanov and his colleagues studied data collected from 1986 to 2002 for the Consumer Expenditure Survey conducted by the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. Blacks and Hispanics spend up to 30% more than whites of comparable income on visible goods like clothing, cars and jewelry, the researchers found. This meant that, compared to white households of similar income, the typical black and Hispanic household spent $2,300 more per year on visible items. To do that, they spent less on almost all other categories (except housing), and they saved less.
Over and over again, Blacks have proven themselves to be the exact opposite of a “market dominant minority”. This over-expenditure on superficial appearances ― think: “bling”, hair weaves, wheel rims and Air Jordans ― directly impact savings for more important things such as vocational training or higher education that could break the poverty cycle. It is in this manner that much of Black impoverishment is both entrenched and self-inflicted.

Food Deserts
The phenomenon known as a “food desert” is both curiously and relatively unique to America. Most of this world’s large metropolitan cities ― if not its smaller municipalities ― always have many well-distributed or, at least, a few centralized grocery shopping centers; districts that do not have several of these still contain at least one open-air marketplace, souk or bazaar where locals can shop for their food.

Are food deserts a product of Black Undertow in the form of shoplifting, meager patronage, poor purchasing power and lack of employable workers? Or do they devolve from being the epicenter of neighborhoods where occupants feel so entitled to their social benefits ― and receive them in such abundance ― that there is little incentive to economize by cooking at home with store-bought groceries instead of consuming fast food? There is also the side issue of single working mothers trying to support several children and not having the time or energy to assemble a properly nutritious home-cooked meal; none of which supports the hypertension, obesity and diabetes statistics of Black America.

Statistics related to Black obesity and rates of type II diabetes inexorably point towards a high ratio of fast food consumption despite how low incomes usually necessitate strict economizing with respect to food expenses. Few more glaring examples of overspending exist than the way fast food can cost upward of triple that of a home cooked meal. Again, this needless waste of money reflects a poor ability to anticipate the downstream repercussions of immediate behavior.

The above side-by-side comparison of America’s most segregated city, Milwaukee, WI, shows a nearly perfect 1:1 correspondence between its Black population center (middle), food deserts (left) and high crime districts (right).

Rated as this nation’s “most segregated city” ― according to Salon.com ― Milwaukee, WI provides us with a precise laboratory model to correlate Black Undertow with crime and food deserts. The presence of food deserts should be construed as an across-the-board impossibility for essential retail businesses to flourish in general. As you will also see, Milwaukee is peculiar in that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has vigorously fought any laying of light rail lines into the city’s suburbs. This means that, unlike many other sizable metropolitan centers, there is no conduit of mass transit through which criminals can access the more wealthy suburban residents. This is borne out by a not-so-startling 1:1 correspondence between Milwaukee’s most dense minority populations and very high crime rates.

Of special interest are the comments on that page:
Nationwide, blacks have been concentrated in the inner city, far away from where new jobs are created. Yet the case of Milwaukee is extreme: 90 percent of the metro area’s black population lives in the city. Making matters worse, suburban whites are notably hostile to building any form of public transit to connect city people to suburban jobs, further exacerbating segregation’s ill effects.

If you’re wondering if this can somehow, some way, be blamed on union-busting Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, the answer is yes. Walker took the lead in a campaign against public transit to connect the suburbs to the city during his time as county executive. He thought the funds would be better spent on highways.

“There is virulent opposition in these exurban counties to any kind of regional transit system, particularly a regional rail system. There have been proposals over the years, but they’re always DOA,” says Levine. “Governor Walker’s big issue as state representative and county executive was ‘Over my dead body light rail,’ and he fought with Milwaukee’s mayor over funds for regional rail. He very much represents that suburban and exurban base.”

Levine has done some fascinating research into Walker’s political base. Of the nation’s 30 largest metro areas, Milwaukee had the biggest partisan vote gap between city and suburb, with city-dwellers supporting Obama 31 points more than suburbanites. [emphasis added]
The Black Undertow
In his wisdom ― and more likely, a wish to retain office ― Governor Walker has both twigged to and purposefully fought off the arrival of Black Undertow. Scott Walker also demonstrates a rare in-depth awareness of the less-well-known economic Black Undertow that takes place in the form of public sector unions and their traditionally top-heavy minority membership. Furthermore, it is manifest that the urban dwellers felt their sense of entitlement going unfulfilled. This is made clear by how “Milwaukee had the biggest partisan vote gap between city and suburb”, with an extra almost one in three city residents voting for the Democratic Party of government largesse.

On a larger scale and throughout America, this nation is facing a calamitous outcome with respect to Public Sector Unions. As noted in Part II of this essay, there is a profound conflict of interest at play when government employee unions are given collective bargaining rights. They do not share a common interest with taxpayers in keeping taxes at their lowest as this could threaten their own earning power, if not their actual jobs. A similar attitude is found in those who are persistently dependent upon social services. That Blacks are over-represented in both of these categories suggests a voting bloc whose actions are just as often not in the best interests of America’s economic survival.

Blue collar union members have traditionally voted for the Democratic Party as well and it is still undetermined as to whether they will finally awaken to how Liberal politicians are strangling America’s economy with Big Government. A simple example is that of Obama’s health care package which mandates how all businesses with more than 49 employees must offer “affordable” health insurance to full-time workers or pay a penalty of up to $3,000 per employee. The Law of Unintended Consequences automatically predicts that when such a directive takes effect, all companies with a few or several more than 50 employees will simply discharge them as opposed to suffering an increased cost of operation.

Bigger government and programs that are antagonistic to job creation are a one-two punch which currently has the American economy reeling. There are even some who will argue that expediting the almost unavoidable negative outcome which awaits us is better than prolonging this misery. However, America’s foreign enemies are salivating at the thought of toppling our nation’s preeminent position as this world’s strongest economy and de facto reserve currency; all of which means that right now may not be the best time for any internal discord. A nation even more divided than it already is would be increasingly vulnerable to external pressures or attack.

None of that changes how Blacks and BRA (Black-Run America) are actively working in concert to further institutionalize the protected status of minorities, both legal and economic. Such protections, in the form of AA (Affirmative Action), various “Hate Speech” and “Hate Crime” laws, unconstitutional anti-discrimination legislation along with two-tier hiring and admissions standards are beginning to pose a direct threat to America’s economic health and national security.

The Fort Hood massacre is just a beginning of what happens when Political Correctness overrides our country’s most basic survival instincts. An abject inability of United States Attorney General Eric “my people” Holder’s to identify “radical Islam” as an external threat or to address blatant intimidation of White voters as an actionable domestic offense is a clear demonstration of malfeasance at the very highest levels of government. That he and his executive superior are both men of color stands as good reason for White Americans everywhere to question theirs and Black America’s political agenda.

Of even greater concern should be the looming failure of major American cities like Detroit that have been run into the ground by Black political machines. SBPDL has devoted much time and effort to documenting this phenomenon. Government bailouts of these intensely corrupt and dysfunctional municipalities only promise to perpetuate what is already the worst sort of incompetent leadership. The amount of Black cronyism and preferential hiring that can be expected from such generously funded projects will doom them from the start.

Rest assured that, should Whites refuse to join these exercises in futility, they will be accused of callous indifference. Then again, it is just as likely that all attempts by sincerely helpful Whites to participate in any recovery will be labeled as “interference” or “paternalism” of the worst sort. If Blacks have a single lesson to teach all comers it is one of thanklessness and ingratitude on a monumental scale.

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Findalis said...

The idea of keeping the underclasses, the poor at the bottom of the sociology-economic ladder is not a new idea. In fact Marx didn't invent it either. It goes even further back than the feudal system. It is an off-shoot of the slavery system of ancient Rome and Greece.

The whole idea at the time was to have a disenfranchised "free" population to man the military. By keeping a group under fed, under achieving, one can be rewarded with a very willing labor or military force.

Communistic and socialistic societies use such a group for "work projects" that pop up from time to time. In fact, they make sure many are kept in this economic condition to insure this workforce to be available to the state.

While 36% of Black men ages 18-34, if we wished to, we could put it this way: 64% of all Black men aged 18-34 are employed. It is the same idea but told in a better light.

Most landlords will not accept Section 8 these days. The "families" that were given these vouchers never treated the homes and apartments with the respect and care that is expected from them. Section 8 pays for 80% of the rent, and the tenant is expected to make up the difference. The Landlord would get 80%, but not the rest. Nor could you evict them for it. Thus the only way to remove the tenant was not to renew the lease, or raise the rents to cover the full costs. The latter causes good neighborhoods to become ghettos. Thus destroying the idea of Section 8 in the first place.

As for food deserts, they really don't exist. In fact you can find good prices for fresh fruits and vegetables in these neighborhoods, but laziness in not wanting to cook and not wanting to eat fresh foods but wanting the quick and easy option is driving the problem.

There is no amount of money thrown at these problems that will solve it. It will only buy the votes of the lowest classes in our society for the person buying their vote.