How to cut immigration to the UK

If the Tories are serious about getting to grips with immigration, I suggest making anyone coming from the ME land in the frozen north. And make the plane taxi to the far end of the runway btw. Walking a mile across the tarmac in a storm of horizontal sleet would be enough to make all but the most determined desert-dweller turn on their heels, and re-board the plane returning to the warm, sandy land from which they came. Of course anyone who makes it to the terminal building would be welcomed with a nice cup of tea and a bacon roll. And they'd have to finish it before getting through to customs. If they get through that & get out of the building, I'm sure the powers that be could rope in some teuchter to take them down to Bradford in a tractor and bogie. Fit a snow plough in front and you're all sorted!

(And yes I'm joking - if anyone doesn't get it, try a sense of humour on for size, why don't you!)

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Findalis said...

Or you can take away all government benefits, all welfare, free housing, etc...

Make these bastards get a job, without going overboard about their head rags, face coverings or dealing with dogs, alcohol etc...

Force them to learn English and Christianity. (Not applied to Jews, Sikhs, Hindus, or any non-Muslim.)

Immediate hanging for anyone who riots, who spits on a National symbol (Poppies, etc...), who demands religious law over civil law, who spit or curse at military men and women, and who demand their faith (Islam) be dominate over all other.

Finally the West destroying all Muslim nations with oil. Take over the oilfields and force conversion to Judaism of all the people (under pain of torturous death).

Is this too extreme? It would solve the problem.

Nick said...

Well I don't know about immediate hanging, after all the argument is that the state has prosecuted innocent people before now. If that's uncovered in due course then you can always let them go. If they're dead you can't.

The birch rod might have a good effect on society overall however, I can't see the likes of Anjem Clamchowder and his pals being too keen on protesting at soldiers' homecoming parades if each and every one of them got 50 strokes on their bare arse every time they did so.

Then 50 days in jail. Then another 50 strokes on their release date - something for them to look forward to while they're inside.

Those rioters down in England had no fear whatsoever of the forces of law and order (ha!) either - 50 strokes of the birch rod might adjust thier overall attitude to other people in a beneficial way too.