Drone capture by Iran a debacle for the Obama administration

This is a report from DEBKAfile out of Israel. A disaster for the obama administration has now been released for the entire world to watch and witness.

In my opinion, once again the incompetence of obama, the first muslim illegal alien potus, is on full display.


Iran exhibits US drone undamaged. US and Israeli intelligence shocked

"Iran exhibited the top-secret US stealth drone RQ-170 Sentinel captured on Sunday, Dec. 4. Its almost perfect condition confirmed Tehran's claim that the UAV was downed by a cyber attack, meaning it was not shot down but brought in undamaged by an electronic warfare ambush.
This is a major debacle for the stealth technology the US uses in its warplanes and the drone technology developed by the US and Israel.

The state of the lost UAV refutes the US military contention that the Sentinel's systems malfunctioned. If this had happened, it would have crashed and either been wrecked or damaged. The condition of the RQ-170 intact obliges the US and Israel to make major changes in plans for a potential strike against Iran's nuclear program.

Earlier Thursday, debkafile reported:

The Obama administration's decision after internal debate not to send US commando or air units into Iran to retrieve or destroy the secret RQ-170 stealth drone which fell into Iranian hands has strengthened the hands of the Israeli faction which argues the case for striking Iran's nuclear installations without waiting for the Americans to make their move.

Senior Israeli diplomatic and security officials who followed the discussion in Washington concluded that, by failing to act, the administration has left Iran not only with the secrets of the Sentinel's stealth coating, its sensors and cameras, but also with the data stored in its computer cells on targets marked out by the US and/or Israeli for attack.

Read the complete report here.

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Findalis said...

Rumor has it that Obama gave this to the Iranians in exchange for a favor. I believe the rumor.

Nick said...

Difficult to see a legimate reason for not trying to recover that - no matter the odds of success, you really have to go for it. Any special forces guys know that they're in a hazardous profession, & if they're ordered to go, then they go. And to be blunt, as the Commander in Chief, recovering such a key piece of tech is worth risking a handful of lives for.