She is FREE- A SAD Offical PatriotUSA update.

She is FREE

To the faithful readers and subscribers here on Patriot's Corner, this will not be a COMPLETE SURPRISE as you had read about them, their love so strong, they HAD TO BE NEAR EACH OTHER all the time.

Vanessa, age 56, passed away, gently yesterday into the loving arms of her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I was there with Scott, their Pastor, and a small group of their closet friends. She had been moved back into their home as the doc thought she might be better off there and with her own belongings and things. He was right. He warned that she might experience what  he termed 'sun rising' for a few days. Vanessa improved substantially only to drastically deteriorate and quietly, she was called home. She was very lucid and present with us right before her final moments. The joy of her release from this time and place was clear.

Myself and all the others who were there have no doubts that Vanessa was praying and speaking directly to the Lord as she was eased out of all her suffering and pain. She was focused on a spot in the room where light was streaming in from a break in the clouds. There is a an old oak chair that 'somehow' moved from one corner of the room to the other and none of us were near that chair. Draw your own conclusions. I KNOW in my heart what and who was responsible for that chair being moved. There were a set of footprints in the dust on the floor and no one was barefoot in there or even over near those two corners.

That there was a higher power,  presence in their home and by her side was evident to all who were there. There is too much to process right now and that Scott needs help to get through all of this is the most pressing matter for now. There is much to be discussed in regard to making sure Vanessa's final wishes are carried out. I will be assisting Scott with all of this and he has decided to stay here in Central Oregon for the near future. Vanessa's final resting spot will depend on if we can get to it as it is on a river that will remain unnamed for now. It is a place where even in the dead of summer or winter a spring of the clearest, finest water gushed forth from a steep, rocky slope and cascades down about 80 feet into the unnamed river. The banks are heavily lined with ferns, lush grasses and the water falling gently into steppingstone pools before mixing with the river. This glade is very, very hard to get to, Almost straight down an old Indian trail you can barely make out . Very, Very few locals round these parts know about it, even less of them how to get there. I discovered this place by fishing and what a spot it is. Both Scott and Vanessa are veterans, both served in the navy. Scott was pilot and Vanessa was a master supply chief.

Scott has given me permission to share some of what we will be doing here on Patriot's Corner. Many of you have been faithfully holding Vanessa and Scott up through your prayers and thoughts. They heard each and every one. Of course Scott, who has ALS is now fighting a major deterioration in his symptoms and that is the next concern.

In between all of the above I had to drive to Portland to pick up our daughter from college for the Christmas break. It is 300 miles round trip and I made it there and back in seven and half hours. That was with a 45 minute break for fuel and lunch. Not an easy drive and one of the worst highways in the state.

Look for more to be shared here on PC. If my other great contributors could pitch in with some posts that would be a great help. MY posts will be slim to none for a few days and I may return later this week. Scott needs me and that is all that matters to me right now. Forgive me for being scarce for the next few days.

Thanks for understanding but thank you all even more for your prayers that we know have been pouring in. Patriot's Corner has the BEST readers and followers in the world, hands down and you all are second to no one else.

Thank you and we can never pay you all back. Rest well Dear Vanessa. I know we will be seeing you again, someday soon.

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Nick said...

So sorry to hear of Vanessa's passing. I know that Scott is among good friends right now though. No platitudes here my friend; just know that you are all in my thoughts.

Findalis said...

My condolences to her family. They should know that she is in a better place, with no pain, no suffering.

PatriotUSA said...

Thank you, the both of you!

Findalis, thanks for the Christmas, holiday card. Very kind of you!

Nick, I will be in touch tonight with you.

HermitLion said...

Sorry to hear that, Patriot. I hope she's in a better place now, and that you are at peace with it.