Bedlam in Belgium

Breaking news just now on British TV: Apparently there has been some kind of grenade attack in the Belgian city of Liege. Some reports say that one person carried out the attack, and some say there were other people involved. Probably too early to say for sure at this stage. What does seem clear enough is that there has been at least one fatality, and several people have been injured.

Sources: BBC News, Sky News.

Update at 16:27 UK time: According to the latest reports, the alleged perpetrator of this attack is one Nordine Amrani, who was apparently known to the Belgian police. The perpetrator is dead at the scene of the attack.

Reports now say that four (4) people have died as a result of this attack, and over seventy five (75) people have been injured. There is no news yet about how serious these injuries might be.

Source: MSN News.

Update at 16:47 UK time: According to Reuters, the perpetrator of this attack, who is now being named by several news sources as Nordine Amrani, a thirty three (33) year old male, carried out the attack at Place St. Lambert, a shopping area in the town of Liege, firing shots from a rifle, and apparently throwing grenades around as well. The perpetrator then shot himself in the head with his own handgun, thereby ending the attack.

Source: Reuters,

It's a pity this guy didn't just blow his own brains out to begin with. Now people are dead because of him, and the survivors of this attack won't just walk away scot free, no way - the scars of being on the receiving end of something like this, both physical and psychological, will be with them for a long time.

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Baldowl said...

I like how initial reports on this incident were specifically mentioning that it wasn't "terrorism-related." Oh, yes it is. If this event isn't terrorism, I don't know what is. I guess now terrorism is, appropriately, a synonym for Islam.

PatriotUSA said...

Yes, this is TERRORISM.

I will be posting on this later tonight with information that the LSM, MSM always seems to forget.

Don't want to offend islam or radical muslims now, do we?

OK, I do want to offend islam at every turn if this is what it takes to defeat islam and sharia law!

Was this perpetrated by a muslim or 'asian' immigrant? My bets are on yes and will see what turns up in the next couple of days on this terrorist attack.

Thanks for visiting PC, much appreciated.

You have a couple of 'interesting' sites and I will be back to visit them when I have more time.

Baldowl said...

"Interesting" is a very kind euphemism for most of what I do on the internet. I appreciate your interest, but not nearly as much as I appreciate what you're doing here.

PatriotUSA said...

Thanks for the positive words on what PC is all about.

PC is blessed with some really fine contributors and they deserve a big thanks and tip of the mug o'beer.

Beer, bacon, sugar and coffee. Requirements of life ya know.
And good cigars too.....

As I a staunch counterjihadist, I have made many excellent friends in the CJ. That goes for many great conservative sites. We 'steal' from each other all the time and as I like to say, there is HONOR among thieves. It is very much alive and well in today's retarded politically correct world.

Oops, hope I did not offend anyone with the use of the word 'retarded'.

RETARDED=liberals, progressives, islamists, islamosympathizers and lovers of all garbage obama.

HermitLion said...

Since the media likes to refer to muslims as 'youth', I guess this was a youthful attack by a youthful 33 year-old who was having a youthful identity crisis.
Nothing at all to do with that-which-shall-not-be named, move along, nothing to see here.