Canada to leave the Kyoto Protocol: Environazis are furious

Way to go Canada! 

I think I will celebrate by tossing some nice, pitch filled pine firewood into our wood stove. I must use up my share of resources lest the environazis get all fuels banned from use.

No doubt that the idiotic and arrogant obama administration, led by another idiot at the UN (useless nations), Susan Rice would never have the balls to make such a wise, job saving move. That would be like opening up a lot more Federal land to oil and gas drilling, or building new refineries, or approving the Keystone pipeline project. After all, Keystone would only produce about 20,000 jobs for starters.

Not only is Canada dumping the Kyoto Protocol but the country also won the Green Groups Award, the coveted "Fossil of the Year" award for its performance in Durban.

In a bold move that has enraged enivronazis around the world, Canada has announced it will play 
it's ace card and withdraw from the over reaching, ridiculous Kyoto Protocol.

Why? The Kyoto Protocol is now old school and not up with the times. Why should countries in the West be threatened with heavy fines when countries like China, India refuse to sign on with idiotic treaty that makes the West pay for the rest of the world, especially to 'benefit' the third world countries.

The conservative Canadian government realizes sticking to the treaty would severely damage the Canadian economy and place unrealistic limits on the Canadian energy industry. Not to mention the loss of how many jobs during a bleak time in the overall global economy.


Canada to withdraw from Kyoto Protocol

Canada said Monday that it will withdraw from the Kyoto Protocol on climate change, becoming the first country to do so. Prime Minister Stephen Harper (pictured) said his country would owe some $13.6 billion in penalties under the treaty's terms.

Canada, a major energy producer which critics complain is becoming a climate renegade, has long complained Kyoto is unworkable precisely because it excludes so many significant emitters.

"As we've said, Kyoto for Canada is in the past ... We are invoking our legal right to formally withdraw from Kyoto," Kent told reporters.

The right-of-center Conservative government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, which has close ties to the energy sector, says Canada would be subject to penalties equivalent to C$14 billion ($13.6 billion) under the terms of the treaty for not cutting emissions by the required amount by 2012.

"To meet the targets under Kyoto for 2012 would be the equivalent of either removing every car truck, all-terrain vehicle, tractor, ambulance, police car and vehicle off every kind of Canadian road," said Kent.

Environmentalists quickly blasted Kent for his comments.

"It's a national disgrace. Prime Minister Harper just spat in the faces of people around the world for whom climate change is increasingly a life and death issue," said Graham Saul of Climate Action Network Canada.

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HermitLion said...

Hurray for Canada! I do like them showing that there is a different way.

P.S The Earth just called, and said she's perfectly fine with this decision.