Bedlam in Belgium pt. 2

It's interesting to note the mainstream media's approach to things. How they "inform" the public of what's happening in the world. As we all know by now, there has been what can legitimately be described as a terrorist attack in Belgium today. (Certainly the victims would have felt terrorised - it matters not what the motives of the grenade thrower eventually turn out to be.) At the time the event occurred, a story was already running in the Australian press:

Sadia Sheikh, a young woman living in Belgium, was murdered in October 07 by her family, who today were sent down for that offence. Her parents were given long stretches inside after ordering their daughter's murder, and her brother was convicted of actually pulling the trigger. The lass had had the audacity to say no to an arranged marriage. Apparently she had ended up living in a women's refuge, where she drew up a will because she knew what was likely to happen to her.

In any event, the point is that, as I write this, a good twelve hours after the attack in Liege, nowhere in the British press is there any stories about this "honour killing". Now that's interesting. Of course the murder is an horrific act, and deserves to be reported. And there's no good reason why it wouldn't be. Call me cynical, but it appears that the mere possibility of someone carrying out an attack like the one in Liege today because of the verdict in this honour killing case appears to be enough for the British media to avoid covering the story.

Setting aside for the moment any possible connection between the successful prosection of the murderers of Sadia Sheikh and the actions of the perpetrator of today's attack in Liege (the theory that the two events are connected is floating around, but it's difficult to know if there's anything to it at this time), it's disappointing in the extreme - but sadly not too surprising - to see that the British press are not talking about the "honour killing" of a young woman by her own family, or the fact that a significant legal and moral event has taken place in Belgium today: A measure of justice has been achieved following the snuffing out of a young woman's life in the name of her family's "honour". It goes without saying that far from serving to maintain their "honour" the actions of Sadia Sheikh's family were a stain on humankind, an affront to all that is decent and good in the world. They will forever be seen as killers and brutes by all morally sane people. They have no honour.

And each and every media outlet which deliberately ignores the fate of Sadia Sheikh, and the fact that her killers were sent down today, are just as morally corrupt as the young lady's killers. Shame on every one of them.

Sources: The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald.
Sadia Sheikh: Gone Too Soon.

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PatriotUSA said...

Great job on this terrorist attack, Nick.

I do appreciate the quick draw on this sad tragedy.

There is no honor within islam.

Honor does not exist in most mussie's vocabulary except in praise of the pervert, mohammad.

As we sadly know, there is no honor in allah or mohammad. That leaves us with islam being the vile and violent ideology that it truly is.