Official PatriotUSA Update: Maybe light posting this week

I have just returned from spending almost all day at ICU with a friend who himself has ALS(Lou Gerhig's Disease)and his wife suffered a severe stroke early on the 12th.

I took a three hours off to go get the last set of a series of three lower back injections. I am extremely sore and in what I can only describe as brutal and non-stop pain. I am forcing myself to rest most of tomorrow except to be available for my friends and to help Scott out as best I can. This couple has no family close by and their kids are worthless. One is in prison and the other one thinks mom and dad are very rich and withholding their money from this daughter. Scott and Vanessa are barely surviving. She has been totally disabled from car accident years ago and gets SSDI payments(not much) and Scott works part time as Heating/Cooling technician.

I will try to get what posts I can posted up but do not be surprised if they are a on the light side in numbers. Please be praying for this couple as her prognosis is quite poor right now and Scott's is well, terminal as are all ALS patients. A most cruel disease and the Lord has put numerous people in my life that have had ALS and MS. Not sure why but I just try to do what I can for my friends.

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Findalis said...

Will keep you in my prayers. Get well my friend.

Gary Fouse said...

get well Rick and my prayers for your friends. I had a first cousin who died from als.

PatriotUSA said...

Thank you both and I am not sure why but I just keep having people with these two diseases come across to me in my life. Trying to listen to the Lord through all this and God knows us better than we know ourselves.

I will continue to trust Him.

Thanks again Gary and Findalis. So very much appreciated.

HermitLion said...

Feel well, Patriot. I hope the pain won't stay so bad for long.