Arrogance defined: obama and 9/11

Arrogance defined:

Take a really good look at this picture of obama(I know, please try not to get sick and if you do, I do not blame you one bit) and then look at former President Bush. Pretty telling, don't you agree? This may be the one photo that defines how obama truly feels and how highly he thinks of himself.

The above photo is from one of 9/11 remembrance memorials from this past Sunday.

Former President Bush has his bowed in prayer and respect. Whether you like the man or not falls to wayside here. The man knows when to pray, when to pay homage to those who served, have served, have given the United States their all through military service and have paid with highest price through sacrificing their lives so we here can remain free. President Bush is man who did not need a teleprompter to give a speech, no matter what the occasion was. At times his speech and pronunciation were not perfect, nor was he ever as polished a liar and peddler of dope and change like obama has been, and still is. The former President Bush and the former First Lady Laura Bush, knew how to behave when mingling and hob nobbing with other politicians and among royalty. They never bowed down to anyone, especially like obama bowed down to the pig king of saudi arabia. They were both exceptional statesmen and diplomats. They knew when to show the utmost respect and when to be deeply solemn.

On the other hand, obama, the first illegal muslim alien potus and his not so royal or elegant vacation mooching wife, the first lady michelle "mooch" obama, they sure know how to insult a long timer ally like England by returning some very special gifts like the bust of Winston Churchill and that was just for starters. Then the bumbling duo dresses up like they are starring in a Chevy Chase movie. I could go on and on but we know the man and how arrogant and totally conceited he and the Mrs.Obama are and act.

This picture shows a smug, conceited, arrogant, pompous man who looks and shows, via his body language that he would rather be anywhere else except here, paying homage to those who died on 9/11. Maybe on the golf course or bowing to one of our enemies agaiin? Or trading jokes with likes of Trmpka The mullah obamaham tries to look taller than the former Commander In Chief right next to him. Does obama feel so threatened by Bush to be forced to look taller than than the former President of the United States? Is obama that insecure that he must look like he is scowling in disgust so everyone(he thinks) should be focusing all their attention on him?

Here is how TexasFred feels about this pose from obama; "Maybe I am reading a lot more into this than is really there, but personally, I was offended when Obama pointed his face upwards as opposed to bowing his head in prayer. I think the reason this set me off on such a tirade was because Obama has bowed to quite a few foreign dignitaries in the past, but he won’t bow his HEAD to honor the victims of the terror attacks? He won’t bow his head to GOD??"

No the first muslim potus refuses to bow his head down to God except to the perverted god of islam, allah. No Fred, you are not reading too much into this picture. Almost all folks who pray bow their heads down. Sometimes, if one is worshiping prayer to music then their head might be raised up along with their hands, worshiping praise to the Lord. obama is a muslim no matter what says. When you are born of a muslim father(and obama was)then under islamic law, you are a muslim.

This picture is for me and I am sure many other people: Aroggance defined. Along with not wanting to or REFUSING to honor the victims of the 9/11 attacks. This my friends, is completely unacceptable to me. obama has insulted those who died on 9/11 and therefore has insulted each and every one of us. What say you?

Here is what one reader comment was, from Findalis:
"It is the difference between a man who believes he is the Messiah and a man who knows he is the humble servant of G-d."

Well said Findalis, so very well said!

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Findalis said...

It is the difference between a man who believes he is the Messiah and a man who knows he is the humble servant of G-d.

PatriotUSA said...

I posted your comment as an add on to the post, Findalis.

Thanks and again, very well said!

Andrea said...

The video you posted on 9/11 - @ 3:01 - Laura and George Bush - their faces said it all, for all of us that day to this day.
I look at this current picture of Bush and Obama. Of Bush it says, "Lord, I feel no less pain, continue to guide us in the path of rightiousness." Obama's pose is just that - strike a pose. See me, feel me, love me. See me. It fills me with revulsion.

PatriotUSA said...

Revulsion is a perfect word top describe the arrogance and ignorance that this man has. He hates America, our military and anything that portrays this country as good. He is a vile a repugnant person, no matter what he does or says. It is all a lie and the emperor truly has no clothes on.