MSU Anti-Israel Week at UC Irvine: Who the Hell is Loubna Qutami?

Gary Fouse


The circus is coming back to UC Irvine tomorrow, which means that the Muslim Student Union will be up at the crack of dawn setting up their tent mock wall on Ring Road. In fact, it will be the "new improved" mock wall after a weekend of refurbishing the old one at the Islamic Center of Southern California, courtesy of head imam and man of peace, Muzammil Siddiqi.

Unfortunately, it looks like there are no headliners this year, unless they are planning to pop Amir Abdel Malik Ali out of a wedding cake as a last minute surprise. In fact, the only announced speaker thus far is somebody named Loubna Qutami of something called al Shabaka, the Palestinian Policy Network, whatever that is. (The only Palestinian policy I am aware of is suicide bombs.)

And who is Loubna Qutami, you ask? I didn't know myself, so I went back in the historical archives to find out.


Digging deeper, we find that al Shabaka is populated with all kinds of rag-tag "illuminaries", like UC Berkeley professor Hatem Bazian, Electric Intifada  founder Ali Abunimah, and San Francisco State University professor Rabab Abdulhadi, who has gained recent notoriety as the academic mentor of Palestinian students who have been fantasizing about murdering Israeli soldiers.

Same old fertilizer, same old weeds, as they always say.

Of course, the little rascals in the MSU like to play their cards close to the vest, and I suspect they may pull a surprise out of the hat at the last minute just to keep us off balance someone like say, Norman Finkelstein, perhaps.

Or how about the star of last year's show, the last angry man from Israel, Miko "My Father was an Israeli General" Peled, fresh off his star performance at the Coronado Public Library?


On second thought, Miko doesn't like to be videotaped.

Pretty disappointing lineup, if you ask me.

I got it! How about Donald Sterling? He probably doesn't like Jews either.

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