Helping a friend in crisis-For Findalis, please help if you can

I am posting this up to bring a bit of comfort, aid to dear fellow blogger who goes by the name of Findalis, who has been diagnosed with with Lymphoma, possibly stage four. The blog Findalis owns is Monkey in the Middle and below you find a direct link to the Paypal donation site from MITM. Many of you have seen comments posted here by Findalis. We have stolen posts from each other for several years now.

Here is a bit about Findlais from her blog:
"I'm in my 50's, Female, Widowed, Mother of 2 grown children. I was born in Queens, NY, raised in Brooklyn and have the accent to prove it. I'm a veteran of the US Air Force. I worked as a Translator and Analyst. My theater of expertise was the Middle East. Just an NCO here. No need to salute me. I'm currently in semi-retirement, been outsourced once too often. I'm neither a conservative nor liberal. I am liberal on some issues and conservative on others. I vote my conscience. But on one issue I am very outspoken: The threat of Islamic Fascism and the security of the State of Israel!"

Please PRAY for Findalis and she is currently in the hospital in the Midwest. I am asking everyone who reads this to share this post, pray and if you can, help Findalis out. 

Findalis does not know that I am doing this and if anyone gets mad at me for doing this, I do not care. This person is lives alone with a couple of cats and she does not have much in the way of financial security and barely gets by. She served in United States Air Force. Many people have assisted me at times the past couple of years and I really believe in paying it forward and just stepping in when a person needs a hand. She has been a really good friend to me from far away. If we can ease her burden a bit, I KNOW she would be extremely grateful and want to thank each of you.

This post will be sticky at top for a spell. Findalis is trying to keep her friends updated.

Thank you to all and if all you can do is pray, that is great. The Lord hears each and every prayer and prayer is one of the MOST powerful things we can do for one another. Sorry I have been so absent but my life is extremely complicated right now but my problems are just smoke when compared to what Findalis is trying to cope with. PatriotUSA

Donate to Findalis here

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Nick said...

I'm really sorry to hear about that, Patriot, that's not good news at all.