NO! We are not about to have an ad for guns at the Super Bowl!

Just plenty of the real deal! Drudge headlines yesterday -


Black Hawk Helicopters On Alert...
F-16s prepared to scramble...
TSA adds bomb-sniffing dogs...

Hidden snipers deployed in stadium... And this little tidbit informs us that there will be Super Bowl Snipers interspersed throughout the MetLife Stadium.
"Just because sniper and SWAT teams will be present at the game, doesn't mean there is anything for game-goers to worry about. This is a typical assurance taken for an event like the Super Bowl, and the same protocol is always followed every year."
It is? Really? I could not be called a Super Bowl fan but have enough tostesterone around me to be aware of SB goings on since the beginning and I do not recall this kind of BS ever. Not ever!

I think it all a lesson in PSYOPS 101.


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Nick said...

It's just making the government's "security" activities more acceptable, that's all.