California or should we say COMMUfornia hires navigators with criminal past

Of course it is all about 'rehabilitation'. How does one prove a criminal has been rehabilitated? Why do criminals deserve civil rights after they have committed crimes?

Living one state north of the largest sanctuary state in the USSA of Obama's 57 states, I have to wonder if California did not get this idea from Oregon's governor, John Kitzhaber. Let me remind faithful readers that one of the biggest Obamacare failures has been Oregon's Cover Oregon exchange. Perhaps Oregonians do not know know yet as Oregon is not blessed with honest and transparent politicians.

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California’s Obamacare Exchange Stands by the Hiring of Navigators with Criminal Pasts.

Covered California is reportedly standing by their move to hire dozens of individuals with criminal pasts. (TheBlaze/Oliver Darcy)

California’s Obamacare health exchange has reportedly hired 31 insurance counselors with criminal pasts to help sign individuals up for coverage — and officials will allow them to keep their jobs. covered ca Covered California is reportedly standing by their move to hire dozens of individuals with criminal pasts. (TheBlaze/Oliver Darcy) Data obtained by KMAX-TV shows that 31 of the nearly 4,000 counselors have convictions, including one for harm and injury to a child and others involving forgery and theft. Nevertheless, a spokesman for Covered California is standing by the decision to hire the individuals, saying they went through scrutiny [...]
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Another f-u moment from the Communist elites. Part of me would like to remind Californians that elections that have consequences but living in New York City, a Communist sanctuary city (not o my making just for the record), it would be the equivalent of the pot calling the kettle black.

At the same time, with our Bill “Nicaraguan Sandinista” de Blasio at the helm for the next four years and Andrew “Fascist” Cuomo as governor of New York State, any reports of criminal elements working New York’s healthcare exchanges would not surprise me in the least.

And yes, I have warned fellow New Yorkers not to visit any of the healthcare exchange sites; but these are the same people who I warned in both 2008 and 2012 not to vote for the monarch in the White House. They didn’t listen then either.

Back to the Communist elites who stand by their fellow thugs. I suspect that California would consider identity and bank theft by their comrades an equivalent to spreading the wealth. I mean with all the celebrity types residing in California and such. Since the Hollywood majority is made up of Communist ideologues, picking them clean bone dry is par for the course and, therefore, not an issue. (sarcasm)

P.S. Can it be that the criminal elements across the United States working as navigators on the healthcare exchanges are actually in some sort of “basic training” as troops in Obama’s personal army.

What if at some point in the future, these navigators are assigned a role in the government confiscation of retirement nest eggs?


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