Take a good look America

How many times per day and in how many places is this scene playing out? Take a good hard look then swallow the red pill!
This IS America's reality! 

The Department of Education says there are 1.1 million children attending school who are homeless. How many not of school age are homeless, and their parents or parent, grandparents, or other extended family?

1.1 million school children are homeless? That is incredibly hard to comprehend. In America?!?

How many people actually know of the problem of homelessness in America? The MSM certainly isn't reporting it, they have much more urgent information to impart. They want you to take the blue pill!

After Sandy Hook Obama made a speech about gun control which I vehemently disagreed with, but the essence of what he said is correct -

"If we're going to change things ... it's going to take a wave of Americans ... standing up and saying 'enough' on behalf of our kids."

That same thinking can and must be applied to other issues children face i.e. food and shelter and it is not the government's job to provide those things. Government's job is to get the hell out of the way so we can take care of our own!

I've watched people do absolutely nothing about problems facing our country and am completely baffled. I read the below recently and feel it is a pretty good assessment of where we are. Smith: The USA Is Plunging Into Kafka's Nightmare
We, as a collective, don't act, we just stare blankly into the distance. And we shall attempt to explain WHY. Some folks, don't currently, (and never did), give two shits about anything outside the scope of their immediate well being. They are consumed by the distraction of the moment. They only care about themselves and their immediate family, and of things impacting them THIS EXACT SECOND. Everything pales compared to the latest and greatest escape. They won't bother with "later" or anything beyond near-term planning.

Others are barely treading water, and lack the time or energy to pay attention. Such individuals are so overworked and stressed that just maintaining their existence consumes the entire day. When a person is one missed paycheck away from a disaster, they have a difficult time fussing with NSA spying or Social Security collapsing ten years down the path.

There is a large group of individuals who are stupefied by the scope of behemoth. They believe themselves insignificant, and are so overwhelmed by the monstrosity lumbering along, eating all in it's path, that dealing with it in any shape is quote beyond their imagination. They understand how bad things are, but can't imagine themselves as capable of making any sort of difference. Therefore, they "move on" to other, smaller things which might stll be controllable.

Finally, you have those who've "given up." Disaffected and downtrodden idealists, once active and awake, but though painful experience, have learned to stop giving a damn about the system. They fought, they protested, they voted, they wrote letters, and burned down the phone lines - to absolutely no lasting impact. They realized the politicians - and the bureaucrats they serve - can't be bothered to give two shits about them, or their silly little ideals.

This IS America's reality! Can one person make a difference? I say yeah and hell yeah!

What if every person reading this post forwarded the story and picture to every person they know, posted it on their blogs, and then sent a demand to the White House that Hussein Obama get out of the way of our economic growth?

How simple and yet how potentially effective. Will you? NEVER FORGET....

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