Gun Free Zones kill-Maryland mall shooting

At a mall in Maryland yesterday, three people were killed including the shooter.

I usually withhold any posts or commentary regarding these tragic events until the dust has settled and some of the facts are known. Readers must remember that we still do not all the facts about Sandy Hook and most likely we never will. I hope this will not be the case here but we are talking about Maryland.

Unlike the Clackamas Town Center Mall shooting in Oregon, there was no one nearby who could stop the shooter or even slow the shooter down. Here in Oregon there was. Like every other 'regressive progressive state, Oregon's liberals are trying their best to reduce our gun rights, just like Obama and his gun hating friends.

The Maryland mall is a gun free zone and the state of Maryland has been rather 'unfriendly' to those who wish to have a concealed carry weapon permit.

"Maryland is what is known as a “may issue” state regarding the issuance of concealed carry permits. That means the state may not, and that’s been the actual practice, rendering it for the most part a “no issue” state. And while a challenge to that in the Woollard case was initially decided in favor of plaintiffs at the U.S. District Court level, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed that decision and the Supreme Court elected not to hear the case".

Was the shooter thinking this will be like shooting fish in a barrel? He most likely knew that the mall would have easy, vulnerable targets. He did NOT follow the mall rules about firearms. Criminals and crazies never follow the laws that the rest of us have to follow. Were there any armed security guards at the mall? How long did it take for the police to arrive at the mall? One person carrying a legal could have saved some lives.


Read the rest here from David Codera.

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Andrea said...

Codera's post title says it all - "Mandated defenselessness"

Who is killing the average American out for a bit of shopping or entertainment?

It may be the bad or crazy guy pulling the trigger but the God DAMN enablers are just a guilty!