Defiance Is The Natural Offspring Of Resistance

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Defiance Is The Natural Offspring Of Resistance


From a WRSA reader:

Defiance is the natural offspring of resistance.

It is defiance that puts meat on the bones of resistance.

Resistance takes many forms, it begins in your mind, it begins as something maybe as simple as a gut feeling, realizing, in our case as people under the increasing shadow of tyranny, the form of state “authority” as it exists is not legitimate.

There are a lot of law-abiding people who have been made criminals in the eyes of the State. A reality that is worth understanding.

In that making law-abiding people into criminals is a very important element of creating systems of control over those same people.

Where people who are free of control are people free to choose how to conduct themselves in every facet of the sphere of their lives they become manifest in their Liberty, and those who are encumbered by limitations imposed upon them in the manner in which they conduct their lives become subjects.

Subjects have two choices: submit and pay tribute to avoid the application of force, which is a force in itself, or via the convenience of having become criminals, enemies of the enemy of their own Liberty, they become a target for liquidation.

Because acts of defiance is testimony to their illegitimacy, the state, its power, and those who constitute the body of this system of control, because of the illegitimate nature of what they are, can not tolerate defiance.

Defiance upsets the balance of power. 

Tyranny is a constant crisis that balances on a knifes edge requiring ever more control and tribute in order to offset the instability defiance creates to maintain that balance.

Understanding this reality as legitimate, as legitimate as ones Liberty, is manifold for in this equation lies the means to destroying the power of the state and it’s actors.
It is what you do with this understanding to resist what is illegitimate that is defiance.

After all, would you consider legitimate, an organization crime syndicate that violated the very system of laws it uses to imprison or kill you for violating the same laws in order to impose control to begin with?


Or defy it?

How about using force to coerce you, extort you into parting with your wealth, money you earned, taking your money and using your money to fund an entire system of armed enforcement to intimidate and scare you, make you so afraid of the ultimate violence it will use if you don’t give them your money, so you WILL give them your money?

How insanely crazy is that?

Are we all so crazy, so inured, we do not see the forest for the trees? It’s throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

It is a contradiction in terms so incredible it is difficult to wrap ones mind around. So crazy it has sneaked up and bit us on the arse.

One could argue we are a nation turned into an insane asylum. Run by psychopaths.

If not, what?

Things like this generally do not end well.

Would you consider this system, but far more important the people who run it, legitimate, as they craft a system consisting of a multitude of political, social, economic and cultural restrictions, limitations, designed to take your rifle and pistol from you, the means to posses them, in essentially the same manner as your money is extorted from you, essentially disarming you, so you have not the means to defend yourself from nor resist this system and those running it to begin with?

If these words and concepts have enlightened you as intended, it is a shift in, a gestalt of, if you will, of your thinking, it is your own personal paradigm in perception.

Paradigm is roughly defined as a sea change in thinking from collective thought and accepted norms to ideas that are contradictory…revolutionary.

It is then understanding the truth, the consequences of the truth, progresses, becomes a revolutionary thing in itself.

This then is the beginnings of resistance. The moment you accept the truth, you are the resistance. 

You understand why you can not escape the consequences of the truth.

Revolutionary as: how can I submit to something that I believe is not legitimate? Or how can I not submit?

Am I a man or a subject?
That is the root of the tree of Liberty called defiance.

Liberty and defiance are kissing cousins. They are the cornerstones of our threadbare governing documents.

Codified within those amazing words of freedoms and system of negatives is hidden in plain sight the concepts of primal rights intended as guidelines for eternal resistance to tyranny. That is the crux of their importance, the relevance of those words.

It is not the documents that matter. It is what those documents imply that matters most.

It is resistance, and its blood kin defiance, that constitute the foundations of power to determine our paths through this mortal life as tyranny is laid upon ourselves. It is power of each mans sovereignty.

Sovereignty because of what it is is defiance.

So, you may ask yourself, ponder and reckon, what constitutes legitimacy? What is legitimate?

What is and is not legitimate? That is a question right there.

I’m sure it could be debated six ways to Sunday till we are turned to dust.
Maybe the question to ask is what is legitimate to you? After all, it is you yourself who must contend with what forms of power that are imposed upon you and how you deal with them.

It is up to you to choose how you will react to that power.

If you choose to comply with what is imposed on you are you a freeman?

Or do you give legitimacy to what would be illegitimate if you consent because doing so gives it credibility?

If you choose to resist, and take action to defy those impositions are you a freeman because by denying consent you inherently deny something legitimacy? It is you who decides what action you will take.

That is the proof of what is legitimate legitimacy right there. It proves the converse also.

Wrap your mind around that idea.

Remember it all begins with you.

And isn’t that the essence of Liberty?… Or the imposition of tyranny?

It is what you do with that Liberty that matters.


But Defy.

Live free or die.

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